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Special Report: At Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., more than half of the 8,500 students depend on FFELP loans. By Ron Schachter The State of tudent Aid It was the dIsaster that dIdn’t happen, despIte the headlines in national and local newspapers throughout the spring of 2008. “College Financial aid system ‘In Crisis,’” proclaimed USA Today. “no Funds to Lend to 40,000 students,” blared the Boston Globe. “student Loans start to Bypass 2-Year Colleges,” warned The New York Times. the dire news stemmed from the conga line of credit-stricken banks exiting the Federal Family education Loan program (FFeLp) and the rolling shutdown of state educational finance agencies—which offer private student loans—from Colorado and Missouri to Michigan and Massachusetts. July/August 2009 | 61 How financial aid directors are coping with the troubled economy and helping students continue to and through college

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University Business - July 2009
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University Business - July 2009