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AUGUST 2008 UniversityBusiness SOLUTIONS FOR HIGHER E D U C AT I O N M A N AG E M E N T U Dorms of Distinction Stellar student living spaces 29 EDUCOMM CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS Fifth annual gathering bringing technology and education together deals a winning hand. 46 E-MAIL, GMAIL, HOTMAIL, AND BEYOND Ready for a free e-mail solution? 40 STREAMLINING ADMISSIONS 10 ideas for better admissions office operations. 37

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of University Business - August 2008

University Business - August 2008
College Index
Company Index
Advisory Board
Editor's Note
Behind the News
Sense of Place
On the Hill
Future Shock
Independent Outlook
Community Colleges
Dorms of Distinction
Streamlining Admissions: Opening the Front Door
E-mail, Gmail, and Beyond
EduComm Deals a Winning Hand
What's New
End Note

University Business - August 2008