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By Lisa Fratt Ready?or Admissions officers go digital with their institutional introductions Virtual Viewbooks: M illennials, the generation born between the late 1970s and early 2000s, speak a language all their own. A digital camera is a camera; a cell phone is a phone. They’ve grown up with the internet and are wholly immersed in technology with websites like Amazon and Zappos customized to their individual interests. The question for higher education enrollment managers is this: Is the viewbook, the crown jewel of the admissions process, ready for a leap into the online world? The answer: A resounding maybe. A few early adopters have replaced their print viewbooks with digital versions. They’ve seen an uptick in interest, applications, and yield rate and watched printing and postage bills plummet. However, new costs and challenges have emerged. Other higher ed institutions Not? are taking a hybrid approach, clinging to print, but mixing the traditional print opus with a millennial-friendly digital product. A final group espouses a wait-and-see stance, citing admission departments’ notoriously cautious ethos and the lack of data showing the advantages of the digital model. No matter what the approach, and action or inaction, it’s clear that the digital viewbook has emerged. Here’s what September 2012 | 39

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University Business - September 2012
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University Business - September 2012