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UniversityBusiness septemBer 2012 SOLUTIONS FOR hIgheR U e d U c aT I O N M a N ag e M e N T CAmpus FINANCE oceans of data The right tools to help navigate the rough seas of financial aid reports. 84 Big ideas technology Thought provoking books for the well read administrator. 78 changes everything uBtech highlights, from pre-con summits to closing keynote. 46 virtual viewBooks Recruitment pieces take a digital turn. 39 making connections Digital signage and video conferencing technologies, on campus and off. 61 cio version 2.0 IT leaders become key part of decision making team. 68 Where the presidential campaigns stand on financial aid. 12 across party lines education innovators A conversation with Anant Agarwal, president of the edX project. 88

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of University Business - September 2012

University Business - September 2012
Editor’s Note
College Index
Ad Index
Behind the News
Independent Outlook
Financial Aid
Virtual Viewbooks: Ready? Or Not?
Technology Changes Everything
Connecting Learners, On Campus and Off
The Changing Face of the CIO
Efficiency Greats
The Administrator's Bookshelf
Oceans of Data
Education Innovators
Internet Technology
End Note

University Business - September 2012