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Behind the news P E O P L E W AT C H Can one administrator lead two higher ed institutions simultaneously? Barbara Gellman-Danley will take on this unique opportunity as the new president of the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College, both in Ohio, effective Oct. 1. This dual position results from a bill passed by the Ohio General Assembly in July that allows for one president to serve both institutions. Gellman-Danley served for 15 months as coordinating officer for the college and university. She Barbara has also been vice chancelGellman-Danley lor for Academic Affairs and System Integration for the Ohio Board of Regents and president of Antioch University McGregor (Ohio), plus she has 15 years of experience in community college leadership in New York and Oklahoma. … Katherine N. Lapp will head east to Harvard this month after serving as chief business officer for the University of California since May 2007. At Harvard, Lapp will be the chief administrative officer within central administration and on the president’s senior management team, serving also as an ex officio member of the board of the Harvard Management Company, which manages the Ivy League’s endowment. Her past leadership roles have been in city and state government in New York, including the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s executive director and chief executive officer. … Henry S. Bienen retired from his presidency at Northwestern University (Ill.) in August and became vice chairman of the Rasmussen College (Ill.) Board of Directors. … Joseph P. Grunenwald, president of Clarion University (Pa.) since 2003, will retire in June 2010 to help promote technology in the region and support for the university. … James LaCalle will also retire next year from the helm of Harford Community College (Md.) after 40 years at the institution and four years as its president. … The National Association of Schools and Colleges of the United Methodist Church has elected Wesley College (Del.) president William N. Johnston as president for 2009-2010. —Michele Herrmann U A creative solution: The Trash Master has turned a dirty job into a more comfortable one, while also requiring less maintenance work than the former utility vehicle. Trash Vehicle Cuts Costs, Offers Comfort A “new” vehIcle At Monroe CoMMunity College In Rochester, n.Y., is turning heads. Dubbed the trash Master, the modified two-door chevy cavalier is equipped to collect trash while providing the driver with heat and comfort during inclement weather—and it’s saving the institution money. “the car was a farfetched idea, but it’s worked very fine,” explains Ron Fess, grounds supervisor. For nearly 15 years, the facilities team used an open utility vehicle retrofitted to collect trash around the 300-acre campus. But the unconventional use of the vehicle on asphalt, rather than grass, took its toll. “we were changing tires every six to eight weeks and changing axles three times a year,” says auto mechanic Paul Pfenninger. this past year, the team spent a month retrofitting a used sedan donated by a local dealership. they carved an arm-sized hole in the driver’s door for easy access to the seven-foot suction hose, cut the car’s roofline in half, gutted the back of the car to its subfloor (leaving fenders and rear bumpers intact), and mounted the vacuum unit to a framework on the subfloor. “there were no blueprints or drawings,” explains Pfenninger, who worked on the vehicle with a staff horticulturist. Fess simply shared his vision and the design was conceptualized and then tweaked. Facilities staff also manufactured the 50-cubic-foot metal receptacle for the back of the vehicle. It’s designed to hold four days’ worth of trash, and emptying debris is a breeze: the driver presses a toggle switch in the vehicle to activate a lift system and walks back to open the receptacle door. SOUND BITE ‘I think we have reached a ceiling that we’re beginning to bump into. —Daniel Weiss, president, Lafayette College (Pa.), on college tuition ‘ 12 | October 2009

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