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UniversityBusiness Con ten ts November 2012 online only Articles Cover Story 32 Security: Show and Tell? By Mark rowh • NEw: “Why Higher Education Needs Scenarios,” by Daniel rasmus. Scenario planning augments strategic planning by creating multiple stories about the future that allow institutions to explore uncertainty, discover opportunities and recognize threats more effectively. The technique, devised to help military planners during the Cold war, now helps planners in industry and government agencies consider their futures in a more robust way. • NEw: “Video Conferencing Makes Distance Learning a Reality,” by Tom Umphress. For almost three years, Globe University has used video conferencing to connect classrooms, provide training to admissions professionals, and facilitate business meetings. as a result, operations are streamlined, costs are better managed and the student body is better served with classes they may not otherwise have been able to take. • NEw: “6 Ways to Secure Funding for New Technology Investments on Campus,” by Tom Malek. Finding funding for new technology investments can often seem overwhelming. however, there are strategies available to support new technological initiatives. administrators just need to do their homework and remain persistent to secure the funding needed to deploy these essential advancements. Some security measures should be visible, but for others, it’s better when they are less obvious, or even hidden. F e at u r e S 39 Posting a Threat By DaviD GEEr Best practices for recognizing and responding to threats of violence made via social networks. 44 inside Look: residence halls By MELiSSa Ezarik Cutting-edge residence halls combine the comforts of home with innovative features to shape the student life experience. CAmpus FINANCE 55 12 options for iT Project Funding By SoNya STiNSoN Finding dollars for technology projects that aren’t included in the general budget. 4 | November 2012

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University Business - November 2012
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University Business - November 2012