Equip - Fall 2016 - 11

"I don't know what my company would have
done without ABA's help."

-Zornitsa Davidkova

relayed all the incident's important details and
addressed the status of the driver and passengers.
"This afternoon at approximately 1:30 p.m.,
a double-decker, open-top tour bus operated by
Go New York Tours, crashed near 63rd Street and
Fifth Avenue in New York City.
"We are saddened to report that several
passengers on board were injured as a result.
The injured passengers were immediately taken
to nearby Lenox Hill Hospital. According to
police reports, the bus swerved to a sidewalk and
crashed into a tree to avoid being cut off by a taxi.
The operator of our vehicle was also taken to the
hospital for a precautionary examination.
"We deeply regret the distress caused by this
incident, and our thoughts are with the affected
families and friends of those involved. We are
grateful to local authorities for acting quickly to
care for those who were injured.
"In the four years of our operation and liter-
ally thousands of tours, safety has always been
and continues to be our top priority. We adhere to

and comply with the federal and state guidelines
on vehicle and driver safety.
"We are fully cooperating and working closely
with local authorities and law enforcement
officials as the investigation into this incident
"Presently, this is all of the information that
we have to share. We will provide updates as ad-
ditional information becomes available and it is
appropriate to do so." 
Soon after the statement's release, local
media channels updated their stories in ways
that reflected the company's point of view. The
company could focus on the health, safety, and
recovery of its passengers and families, as well
as its employees, rather than having to continue
dealing with the media.

Telling Employees

But handling the media is only one part of crisis
management. Go New York Tours had to address
another important stakeholder-its employees.

KPR helped draft a detailed memo to the
company's staff. "The last thing you want in a
crisis is to leave employees in the dark," says
Norman. "Communicate with them promptly
and accurately so there's no room for speculation. Don't wait for them to hear about the
incident from other sources."
Today, it's business as usual for Go New
York Tours because it handled the situation in a
timely, honest, and transparent way. "It was very
important for Go New York Tours to ensure that
this accident had no adverse effect on its reputation or business viability," Pantuso says.
Davidkova and her team are happy the situation was handled so well. "ABA's immediate,
effective involvement made it possible for us to
minimize long-term damage to our reputation. I
don't know what my company would have done
without ABA's help," she says. "We had no idea
that being an ABA member entitled us to this
service! We're happy it worked out great." ●


To learn more about ABA's crisis
management services, including
advance planning, contact David
Norman at (212) 687-8999 or

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