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Contents SPECIAL COLLEGE ISSUE 200 LIST The FACtS AnD FIGUrES On FOUr-YEAr COLLEGES AnD UnIvErSItIES BEGINS ON PAGE 23 Features COuRTESY OF THE uNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAkOTA 14 Green Giants A number of academic programs are leading the charge in preparing students for the exciting and promising field of sustainable energy BY DAVID WARD 18 So You Want to Be a Doctor? The road to becoming a licensed physician can be long and difficult, but there is help along the way BY PATTY TALAHONGVA Columns/ Departments WELCOME FROM AISES 3 Sarah EchoHawk, AISES chief executive officer, highlights what to look for in this year's Special College Issue THE STUDENT BODY 5 COLLEGE PROFILES 51 64 Students at several stages in their academic careers share their stories and offer some tips for success Here's a sampling of colleges and universities across the country and a look at the different programs and opportunities they offer ADVERTISER INDEX A listing of advertisers in this issue 2014-2015 SPECIAL COLLEGE ISSUE * WINDS OF CHANGE 1

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Winds of Change - College 2014