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Contents SPECIAL COLLEGE ISSUE 200 THE TOP page 55 COLLEGES FOR NATIVE AMERICANS FACTS AND FIGURES ON FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES MAIN PHOTO COURTESY OF NEW MEXICO INSTITUTE OF MINING AND TECHNOLOGY BEGINS ON PAGE 23 Features Columns/Departments 14 Financial Aid 101 It can seem daunting, but once you get organized and started on the path to financial aid, you'll see that it's all doable BY SUSAN BIEMESDERFER 5 18 Internships That Make a Difference Find the right opportunities to learn and grow professionally BY DAVID WARD 2 WELCOME FROM AISES Sarah EchoHawk, AISES chief executive officer, highlights what to look for in this year's Special College Issue THE STUDENT BODY Students at several stages in their academic careers share their stories and offer some tips for success TRIBAL COLLEGES 53 Affordable, accommodating, and page 18 55 academically competitive, TCUs have many pluses COLLEGE PROFILES A sampling of colleges and universities across the country and a summary of the different programs and opportunities they offer ADVERTISER INDEX 62 A listing of advertisers in this issue 64 A quick look at college facts by the numbers LAST WORD ON THE COVER: SHAINA JOHNSON AT SANFORD RESEARCH CENTER IN SIOUX FALLS, S.D.; PHOTO BY JAEL THORPE 2015-2016 SPECIAL COLLEGE ISSUE * WINDS OF CHANGE 1

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Winds of Change - College 2015