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Operations Developing high-performance teams The keys to positive morale, high motivation, productivity and commitment to excellence By Wes Friesen team members. Let’s take a look at these three keys to developing HPTs: S eventy-five percent of the US workforce is not fully engaged on the job. Many work teams struggle and perform at a mediocre level — or worse. In contrast, some teams stand above normal and are high-performance. These high-performing teams (HPTs) are known for their positive morale, high motivation, productivity and commitment to excellence. How are HPTs developed and maintained? An extensive research project involving over 2.5 million people in 237 companies sought to find out the common characteristics of HPTs. It was discovered that HPTs share three characteristics that directly speak to the meeting of three important needs of 1 first of all characterized by a sense of fairness. People have a need to be treated equitably, and that sense of fairness has three components. There is a physical component — this includes a safe working environment, realistic workload and reasonably comfortable working conditions. Another component is economic fairness — people have a need to feel they are paid a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work with Sense of Fairness — HPTs are 42 MAY-JUNE 2008 | WWW.MAILINGSYSTEMSTECHNOLOGY.COM

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Mailing Systems Technology - May/June 2008
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Peer to Peer
It’s an Inside Job
Greening Your Mail Center
Adopting an Automated Document Factory
Intelligent Mail and Address Quality
7 Steps to Combat “Do Not Mail”
A Successful Resolution
Q&A with Dan G. Blair, Chairman, Postal Regulatory Commission
The Intelligent Mail Barcode
Developing High-Performance Teams
Simple Strategies to Save You Money
A Powerful Social Network
With Change, Comes Opportunity
Increasing the Deliverability of Mail
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Mailing Systems Technology - May/June 2008