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CREATING programs e by Scott Josephson COMMUNITY Increase revenue by providing challenges to your members and non-members human 16 beings are social creatures, and many of us require motivation from others before embarking on a successful weight loss regimen or a fitness contest — it is extremely easy to give in or give up when you are fighting the battle alone. Utilizing the community and creating an environment for members or non-members of your facility is a terrific way to offer a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. Almost every health and wellness center emulates this by offering group fitness classes and a variety of other options. Unfortunately, this does not replicate the type of social environment necessary to get most people out of their chair and into the club. All of us have heard about a “fitness challenge” or a “weight loss challenge” at some point, and many of us have actually taken part in one of them. By promoting these challenges through the community or local businesses, our health clubs, private studios, corporate programs and personal trainers can bring in new members at astonishing rates. It is no secret that health problems from obesity and excess weight are on the rise. People everywhere want results, so be sure to implement your professional guidance by helping to change their current behaviors, and continue to concentrate on your clients becoming healthier and stronger. As wellness professionals, we know that focusing on behavior change is a great way to improve your body composition and eventually stop focusing on weight loss. The roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain can be a never-ending, self-defeating battle. Instead, make sure to educate potential clients to take responsibility for creating a healthy lifestyle and stick with it for a lifetime — that’s what counts! MARCH2008 · WWW.FIT-PRO.COM http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - March 2008
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Maintenance of Weight Loss: What Does it Take?
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Personal Fitness Professional - March 2008