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[ PRODUCT PROFILE ] BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE A SUCCESS STORY BOOT CAMPS — they are everywhere, as are trainers wanting to know how to create one, how to launch one and how to manage BY LORI PATTERSON one. But these are questions I never had to ask; I “accidentally” created one. I entered the fitness industry 23 years ago, before it was technically an “industry,” as a sales representative for a health club and teaching group personal training exercise classes was mandatory. That is when I discovered my passion. I then joined the United States Army and was stationed in Germany. It was during my tour when I was asked to provide a workout program for our battalion during the winter months (teaching group exercise to 300 troops and cadre at 6:00 AM was definitely a challenge!). After leaving the military, I continued my formal education and directed a group exercise program at a local health club. After many years of doing it all, I “accidentally” created an amazingly successful program: Boot Camp Challenge. MULTIPLE LEVELS OF SUCCESS FROM BCC Created to help participants reach their short-term goals, the program includes fitness assessments, nutrition and military-style workouts. It has been a huge success on many levels: TRAINEES — Because trainers create a baseline to measure their results, they see their changes at the end of the program. This, in turn, allows them to feel successful; they tell their friends and come back for more — the average Boot Camp Challenge trainee returns for three consecutive boot camps and loses 3.5% body fat! TRAINERS — At the end of every boot camp session, you are present to witness lifestyle changes made by your trainees and amazing changes in their bodies. It is on these days that it makes being a trainer and the early morning wake-up calls all worth it. Also, trainers decide their own rate of pay. The average licensee makes over $200 per hour. FACILITY OWNERS — Statistics have shown small fitness facilities cannot rely on membership dues alone to keep the doors open; you must have profit center programming in place. BCC is an amazing profit center and a financial success. The participants pay for their entire boot camp program before the first session, and the program is not pro-rated. Once the fees are paid, the accountability falls on the trainees to participate in the program. Boot Camp Challenge generated over $120,000 last year just in the St. Louis area, and one facility made over $30,000 profit. Not a bad profit center! Because of the success of the program, I decided to license the business model and make it available to other fitness professionals as well as club owners. THE BOOT CAMP CHALLENGE LICENSE WILL PROVIDE YOU, THE TRAINER, THE FOLLOWING: • A proven business model • The documents and marketing materials you need to start a boot camp program now • Business tools: equipment, a website and business cards • Fitness software as well as a place for all BCC licensees and trainers to share ideas, ask questions, create workouts and support each other Lori Patterson is the President and founder of Boot Camp Challenge. For more information, call 636.734.8594 or go to 32 MARCH2008 · WWW.FIT-PRO.COM http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - March 2008
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Personal Fitness Professional - March 2008