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[ LETTER K E L LI FROM THE EDITOR] our training services. Be sure to document your clients’ success stories and submit them to your local media. Let’s show the public the possibilities for positive physical and mental change that are a result of personal training and coaching. Wholesome eating, regular exercise and recovery are not attention grabbers like Miracle Super Food Berries and Fat Melting Injections, so you’ll have to get creative and create a hook and a catchy headline. It’s our responsibility to show how our services are changing lives and are guaranteed to work. If we all make an effort to create relationships with our local media, we will ultimately get more positive press rather than the usual injuries, theft and negligence stories which attract headlines more frequently. Speaking of resolutions, how are yours coming along? Every day is a new opportunity to reach more people, take your career to a new level, unite as an industry and become a better person. You probably don’t need another self-help book or seminar, but — by all means — continue to learn and strengthen any weaknesses you have. If you are intent on following your passion to lead people to fitness and live a good life, make up your mind to move closer to your dreams. Then CA L A B RE SE [ED IT IT’S ALMOST MARCH, and by now, many of the people who resolved to get fit in 2008 are long gone. On the bright side, there are also many people walking around in new bodies because of O [ CONTRIBUTING DEBRA THOMPSON, President of TG & Associates, LLC, is an international speaker, consultant, coach and author. Founded in 1995, TG & Associates specializes in “the human side of business” by providing human resource services and customized recruiting services for small businesses throughout the US and Canada. Debra created “Thompson’s Ten Principles for Success,” a philosophy that helps business people create balance and harmony within their workplaces and personal lives. Her newest book, No More Rotten Eggs: 13 Steps to Hiring Grade AA Talent was released in June 2007. She was the founding president of the Greater Tucson Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners and can be reached toll-free at 877.842.7762 or at is a fitness business coach/advisor, radio host, speaker, author as well as a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist with more than 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. Tom works with personal training departments, fitness professionals, management of health clubs and fitness product and sports nutrition companies in the areas of sales, marketing and promotion, operations and administration and staffing and human resource management. Having owned six startups since 1990, Tom helps fitness businesses and professionals get to the next level and beyond. For more information, listen to Tom discuss the latest fitness business strategies at TOM PERKINS R] KEL L I@ RBP U B . C OM come up with a plan, follow through with massive action, and never quit. To a better you in 2008, WRITERS] MARCH2008 · WWW.FIT-PRO.COM 7 27 http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - March 2008
Letter from the Editor, Writers
Current Controversies
Maintenance of Weight Loss: What Does it Take?
Creating Community Programs
Winning the Talent War
Pilates Made Simple
Mark Your Calendar
Climbing the Corporate Ladder
Exercise Spotlight
Product Profile
New on the Market

Personal Fitness Professional - March 2008