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The Balancing Act The Spirit of Yoga I Could Never be a financial Planner oon after I decided to become an “exercise therapist,” I realized that I was in a business where I could guarantee results, and that made me giddy. I had witnessed firsthand that if someone put a physical demand on their body, made healthy nutritional choices and rested enough, they would see positive physical change — guaranteed! I’ve had dealings with financial planners, attorneys and realtors, and none of them could determine a sure outcome or guarantee any results. I am not putting those professions down. Clearly, they can produce a positive result and make a lucrative living doing so, but they have no quantifiable guarantee of the results their client will achieve. I remember contacting a PR agent when I first began expanding into media. When I asked what they guaranteed for their monthly fees, they said “Nothing. We can’t guarantee anything, but we’ll try our best for you”! I still don’t have a PR agent! I am getting ready to move a week from today, and as I was clearing the books from my shelves, I glanced down at Phil Kaplan’s Transform Program, and across the bottom in large letters was the statement “100% Money Back Guarantee.” There were no conditions or fine print. Simply, if the program does not fulfill all that it promised and more, your money will be cheerfully refunded! That stood out in my mind. It’s not a statement I see being made when I go to get my hair cut or buy a new vacuum. It should add a bounce to your step and piece of mind to your clients to know the results from your fitness offerings are 100% guaranteed. If you cannot confidently make that offering, you should ask yourself why — I’m serious! Why aren’t you standing behind your own work? When you think about living a balanced life, that entails being able to have sweet sleep each night knowing you are doing the most good for your clients and you can stand behind your work. In today’s market, it’s a rarity and something that can separate you from the competition. Offering a guarantee is part of working with excellence. No one respects or follows mediocrity. Offering a 100% money back guarantee not only displays your skills and talents but your great passion and hard work, something that is hard come cross in any industry. Perform at the highest level you are capable, and, if I were a betting woman, I would wager that you will gain 100 fold the business than you will ever have to pay out because of dissatisfaction. Those who find the courage to stand behind their work will serve more clients and be our industries greatest leaders. Kelli Calabrese is the Master Coach for Phil Kaplan’s Be Better Academy, an eight month transformation to discovering the career possibilities inside you. This self-searching, mind shifting curriculum unlocks the potential in trainers who desire to have a career and life they can live to the fullest. Yoga H for SwimmerS ot summer days call us to the water, and whether you are a casual dipper or serious swimmer, yoga can really help your strokes. Swimming, like any repetitive exercise, causes overuse in some muscle groups and underuse in others. If you engage in a variety of strokes, you can lessen this problem, but we still engage the upper body, primarily shoulders and back, during the swim. There are several yoga postures that can balance the body, and breathing practice is key. Swimming and yoga have a lot in common; both focus on moving with the breathing a rhythmic way. Ancient yoga text tell us that a “pranayama“ (breathing) practice should be done daily. During yoga and swimming, the primary focus should be on the breath, then the focus moves to breath united with movement. You can practice your swimming strokes on land, concentrating on the breath. Our yoga practice requires breathing in and out of the nose while our swimming breath is in and out of the mouth, but with practice can move closer to the yoga breath. Here are some yoga postures for swimmers:  Chest Expansion Standing, interlace hands behind back; lift ribcage upward, breath into filling the lungs. Pull hands away from the body. The powerful pose opens the chest, pectorals and shoulders before and after the swim.  Knot Pose Lying face down, pull right arm across left side of body and left arm across right. Arms should be right under the chest. Switch sides after 10 deep breaths. The opening pose creates space in the deltoids and scapula.  Camel Pose On knees, reach hands back to sitting muscles (gluteus) squeeze tight and press forward, lift chest and experience an incredible anti-aging backbend. Release after five deep breaths into a forward fold Child’s Pose.  Abdominal Exercises All of our movements in and out of the water originate from the mid-section. Making our center strong only enhances our movement through water. Lie on back, feet on floor. Interlace hands behind head and slowly lift on the exhale, release on the inhale and like a wave, let the strong centered breath lift you up and down. Keep the abs contracted at all times.  Super Person Pose. Lying face down, lift arms and legs off floor, hold for five breaths and repeat five times. This back strengthening pose creates good posture muscles in and out of the water. Beth Shaw is the founder and creator of YogaFit Training Systems Inc.and the author of YOGAFIT. She holds a BA in business from Long Island University and numerous yoga, fitness and mind/body certifications. For more information on yoga and cross-training, check out the YogaFit book, released this summer, or go to S 12 | august- september 2010 | http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - August/September 2010
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Personal Fitness Professional - August/September 2010