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Exercise Spotlight Exercise designed by efi Sports Medicine, Inc. For more information, visit SPONSORED BY 3D GRAVITY TRAINING ON TOTAL GYM GRAVITY, GRAVITYClubhouse, GRAVITYSystem, Total Gym, SCRUNCH, GTS and PowerTower and corresponding logos are registered trademarks of efi Sports Medicine. Enhance your training repertoire with three-dimensional GRAVITY Training on Total Gym. With over 250 exercise options, Total Gym GTS and PowerTower models imitate real life movements for a truly functional workout in all three planes of motion. Total Gym is the only machine that allows for both the isolation and integration of primary and stabilizing muscles while utilizing the unit’s incline, rolling glideboard and dynamic cable-pulley system. Load each plane with unilateral or bilateral exercises, or incorporate compound movements to load a specific joint in all three planes. Lateral Lunge (Frontal Plane) START: Disconnect cable pulley from glideboard and remove telescoping squat stand. Stand at the bottom end of the rails facing sideways. Place foot closest to the base on the bottom edge of glideboard. ACTION: Push glideboard up the rails while performing a single leg squat with the stationary leg and bring the glideboard back. Repeat. VARIATION: Go 3D by integrating upper body exercises with weights or medicine balls to target Sagittal and Transverse planes. 28 | AUGUST SEPTEMBER 2010 | WWW.FIT PRO.COM http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - August/September 2010
Letter from the Editor: Get Creative!
Be Better
Our Readers Know Best
Treadmill Talk
Nutrition Solutions
The Spirt of Yoga
The Balancing Act
Journey to Success Dr. John Spencer Ellis
Keeping up with Kettlebells
Training to Go
To Supplement Or Not to Supplement
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Product Profile: 3D GRAVITY
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Personal Fitness Professional - August/September 2010