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Letter from the Editor Editor - Shelby Murphy Get Creative! I’ve always believed that a quality trainer could deliver countless, incredibly effective workouts without any equipment whatsoever. It isn’t the surroundings or the tools that make a trainer great; instead, the magic we deliver to our clients is far less tangible. It’s the creative blend of know-how, articulation, passion, motivation and genuine caring for those we work with that separates us from the fitness enthusiast who knows what to do with a BOSU. However, a quality trainer also recognizes that to continue to challenge your clients — both mentally and physically — an assortment of equipment is essential. After you’ve delivered 10, 20 or 100 workouts to the same client, a little variety in the tools not only keeps your creative ideas flowing, it makes the workout more interesting to the clients. Plus, what other job do you get to pull out all these cool toys and instruct everyone on how to play with them?!? This issue of PFP is dedicated to the groovy products that make our jobs easier and more fun. Products that open up doors to different styles of training, to different populations, to different ideas. Products that add to who we are as fitness pros and give us another advantage in a competitive marketplace. So let your imagination run wild. Figure out what the next step in your career will be and what products would enhance that move forward. Could you become your gym’s bodyweight training expert? Or maybe your studio could add Pilates and the related equipment as another revenue stream. Or maybe adding a few more medicine balls would add more options to your exercise repertoire. Accessorize, baby, accessorize, Now on the Grind Column: Disconnect from the Grid and By Ernie Schramayr PS: If you’re that passionate, skilled, motivating trainer I described in the first paragraph, who can use many pieces of equipment or none at all, have you nominated yourself for PFP’s Trainer of the Year yet? Column: Strategic Relationships By Mike McDaniel Column: The Three Fit-Biz Profit Points By Kaiser Serajuddin Check this out!  Still not sure how to integrate kettlebells into your training practice? Kettlebell expert Pamela MacElree discusses the benefits of the simple kettlebell and demonstrates some exercises you can use immediately. page 16  If you want the low-down on the best portable exercise equipment for boot camp or training on the go, check out the piece from Dustin Maher, a boot camp expert. He’ll tell you what works and what is a waste of space and money. page 20 Column: Functionally Fit (TRX miniseries) Twice monthly via our E-News ( By Brian Schiff Web Exclusive! Health Expert Dispels Seven Fitness Fallacies A preview of Brian Sharkey’s Fitness Illustrated | august- september 2010 | 7 http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - August/September 2010
Letter from the Editor: Get Creative!
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The Spirt of Yoga
The Balancing Act
Journey to Success Dr. John Spencer Ellis
Keeping up with Kettlebells
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Product Profile: 3D GRAVITY
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Personal Fitness Professional - August/September 2010