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exercise spotlight Exercises designed by 2013 PFP Trainer of the Year Valorie Ness and SPRI Step360 Pro Balance is a foundational element necessary to enhance the overall effectiveness of fitness, performance and rehabilitative exercises. The Step360 Pro is a 360 degree training experience specifically designed to improve the body’s ability to react to a more demanding conditioning stimulus, thus heightening its training response. Step on it, stand on it, lay on it, jump on it – this unique tool provides a safe and superior balance challenge for all core, range of motion, strength, power and performance movements. Step360 Pro comes with a training wall chart, hand pump and workout DVD. Step360 swings Start in a wide-squat position with feet slightly externally rotated, hips and knees flexed with torso upright and arms in an offset forward and back position gripping the top of the Step360. With control and arms extended, lift and rotate the Step360 up towards the sky engaging your lower quadrant to full hip extension. The core will maintain stability while the move is finished with the Step360 overhead in shoulder flexion. Lateral lunge to push-up Start with Step360 pulled into chest and shoulder girdle engaged in good posture. Step right leg laterally into a split-stance position. While maintaining control, push the Step360 out and lower it to the ground with arms extended. Then step right leg back and perform a push-up, bring right leg back to split stance position, pull the Step360 up and back into chest and rotate to center. 26 | | mar-apr 2013 http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - March/April 2013
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Personal Fitness Professional - March/April 2013