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New oN The Market The latest trends in fitness equipment Vr1 ProgrammaBle PersoNal TraiNer headPhoNes The FX-sport Vr1 Programmable Personal Trainer headphones are the first and only programmable wireless sports headphones with built-in premium quality, waterproof 8gB mp3 player, great for any sport activity including swimming (with fully waterproof silicone skin accessory pack). The Programmable Personal Trainer function allows the user to customize any workout with instruction, time notifications and motivational messages. your whole gym routine, running, cycling, or any training session can all be structured and voiced to you. Lindsay's Review: Aquajogger summer will be here before we know it and that means taking our workouts outside of the gym. Pool workouts are fantastic for cardio and resistance training and offer clients an opportunity to train without impact and with less strain. suggesting water workouts for clients during the summer may be just the change they need to keep their workouts fresh. The aquajogger has several different fitness tools for a total body workout that can be accommodated for all levels of fitness. Think about cooling off your workouts this summer and incorporate water training! ThoroTread P2 28 Firm massage Balls The Thorotread P2 machine is an interactive functional workout that combines strength and cardio into one exercise. This is done by adding upper body resistance to a traditional treadmill and adding a reversing feature to the belt. it’s a high-calorie burn workout that keeps your mind and muscles guessing with endless variations. it’s safe and simple for users of all ability levels. 800.805.4591 or Perform Better introduces their new Firm massage Balls. These Firm massage Balls are perfect for targeted massage to specific body regions. The small size of each ball helps release tension in hardto-reach places and is used to relieve trigger points and help alleviate pain. These Firm massage Balls are lightweight and durable and will keep their shape during and after use. They are odorless, water resistant and are available in both 3” and 5” diameters. 800.556.7464 or | | mar-apr 2013 aNTimicroBial Body rollers harbinger is expanding its line of exercise gear with specially-developed Body rollers. available in 18” and 36” lengths, the harbinger Body rollers are the first retail foam rollers to be antimicrobial-treated to control odor and staining caused by bacteria. designed to relieve tight muscles and alleviate soft tissue pain, harbinger Body rollers facilitate myofascial release in pre- and post-workout routines. http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - March/April 2013
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Personal Fitness Professional - March/April 2013