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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR FOLLOW TOTY Lindsay Vastola | Valorie Ness | Changing lives from 50,000 feet There is a trending message in this issue focused on the business of group training: “I want to change as many lives as possible.” I would contend that for most of you reading this, this message is integral to your purpose as a fitness professional and the reason why you wake up every morning before the sun does. We have an opportunity to serve more people than ever with group training. The growth of group exercise in clubs and the rise of smaller boutique facilities is evidence that this group trend is here to stay. But the difference from the 1980s aerobics-era is that our clients are craving a more personal experience within a community of like-minded individuals. The challenge for fitness professionals is to carefully create a hybrid between the personal service of one-on-one sessions and the dynamic of group training. Though there is limitless opportunity, group training also translates to more client touch-points, more accounts to manage and a greater number of people relying on you. It is critical that you carve out time to deliberately focus on looking at how you serve your clients from a higher level... from the proverbial “50,000-foot view.” The goal of this issue is to offer you valuable tools, expertise and resources to help you take the 50,000-foot view of your business: } As part of our 15-year anniversary redesign, we’re introducing a new feature we’re calling “The Message” to feature fitness professionals successfully using social media, email marketing and new technology to share their message. } Lori Sawyer, one of the innovators of the stroller fitness trend, talks about how to evolve your group training business using “one-off” programs. } Ever wonder how to convert your free group exercise classes into a revenue stream? Lori Patterson offers 10 simple strategies. } Our Journey to Success feature is guaranteed to inspire you. Husband and wife duo John and Cara Eckerman share their journey from working two jobs each, to moving across the country to open two successful boot camp studios. I challenge you to take a look at your business from the view of 50,000 feet (after you read this issue of PFP, of course!). What does it look like? Does your business look chaotic and unorganized or is it a smooth operation? What if a potential client looked at your business from 50,000 feet? Would they be impressed and be clamoring to work with you, or would they hesitate? Serve your clients from 50,000 feet and you’ll exponentially increase the number of lives you touch. A new model of small group training We caught up with Valorie just as she was reaching land following Nick Tumminello’s Strength Cruise. Valorie shared with us her plans for spring and gave us a peek into how she maximizes her business with group training. Briefly describe the group training model at Catalyst Fitness. Our model is unique in that we offer a personal trainer on-demand service. The group model is what we call Small Group Training (SGT). Our model allows our members to come in when their schedule allows (for example, if they can come in at 5:07 p.m. to begin their workout, it works for us). We believe in eliminating as many obstacles as possible. In this time-pressed and high-stressed society we do not want an individual’s exercise routine to be one of them. Our program is also unique in that we program in a systematic and progressive manner that allows our SGT participants to attend six days a week. We begin each workout with self-myofascial release techniques and movement prep exercises before the training begins. What are your favorite trends currently in group training? At Catalyst Fitness we are enjoying the ability to reach a large scope of people on a daily basis and yet serve them on an individual basis. Training with SURGE and ViPR are two of our favorite equipment trends for small group fitness. Each lends itself extremely well to functionallyspecific movement patterns and individuallyspecific intensities based on how easy it is to regress/progress exercises. Are you working on any new projects this spring? Yes, we are releasing the educational platform for the SURGE 360 and 180, as well as the MMA track for ViPR. Committed to your success, Trainer of the Year 2013 MAR-APR 2013 | WWW.FIT-PRO.COM | 5 http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

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