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CONTENTS MAR-APR 2013 Group Training FEATURES OTHER John & Cara Eckerman Columns 08 Treadmill Talk Lead, follow or get out of the way By Greg Justice 09 Top-Notch Training The 80/20 rule to business By Tammy Polenz 10 Boost Your Business How to reach more clients and boost your income By Bedros Keuilian 12 Journey to Success: Embracing risk, raising the stakes and savoring the reward 10 Education Connection 5 tips for choosing the right conference By Pete McCall 16 Have you shifted your group exercise paradigm? 10 simple strategies to drive revenue with group exercise By Lori Patterson 20 Group training game-changers Go from stagnant to stellar with one-off group training programs By Lori Sawyer 30 Be Better Rediscovering Hygeia, the missing goddess By Phil Kaplan Departments 05 Letter from the Editor Changing lives from 50,000 feet 23 The Message 26 Exercise Spotlight Step360 Pro 24 Obstacle race training for the adventure athlete Preparation tips for the novice and pro By Joe Vennare 6 | WWW.FIT-PRO.COM | MAR-APR 2013 28 New on the Market 29 Events Calendar http://WWW.FIT-PRO.COM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Personal Fitness Professional - March/April 2013

Personal Fitness Professional - March/April 2013
Letter from the Editor
Table of Contents
Treadmill Talk
Top-Notch Training
Boost Your Business
Education Connection
Journey to Success
Have You Shifted Your Group Exercise Paradigm?
Group Training Game-Changers
The Message
Obstacle Race Training for the Adventure Athlete
Exercise Spotlight
New on the Market
Events Calendar
Be Better

Personal Fitness Professional - March/April 2013