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#1 Value. Escorted Tours Since 1952. New from $995! Panama Canal, Rainforests and Beaches. Call 1.800.CARAVAN for free 28 page info guide. Or, visit us online at com M A I L On my high horse B A G the effects of too much alcohol consumption. The carnage of humans caused I enjoyed your article by driving and drinking in the September issue should be sufficient cause (2010), “Missouri’s for anyone to not feature Horse.” Fox trotters are the cause on the cover of a Rural Missouri Mail Bag as your article told: versafamily magazine. P.O. Box 1645, Jefferson City, MO 65102 tile, solid and as unique Yes, I know about the as the Ozarks itself. As argument that you want You may also FAX us at 573-636-9499 or send a former owner of a to cover a wide segment e-mail to fox-trotting horse, I am of the doings of Missouri. proud of him still . . . I can assure there are a lot A fox trot is a true more that reflects the true heritage broken gait, walking with the Visiting horse heaven of our great state rather than winfront legs and trotting with the eries. back. They do travel quickly and Someone told me they had read Pastor Leroy Bates smoothly, their heads and tails an article recently stating that the Competition Baptist Church moving in time. They have taken a Clydesdale farm in central Missouri Falcon gait and created a breed of horses. is now open to the public at cerThis is where your article and I tain times. Is that true? If so, where Keep it Simple. differ. Mr. Lawson referred to the can we find information about it? Loosen your belt 12-inch over-reach of the fox trotThank you so much. I loved Keep it Heritage. ter. No fox-trotting horse we ever your article (“Welcome to Horse We always enjoy Rural Missouri raised over-stepped. It was always Heaven,” August 2009). but recently, we have especially the gold standard to the gait that Sister Bernice Coreil enjoyed the articles on restaurants. they “capped” their tracks. The St. Louis We have enjoyed the fried chicken hind hoof came up and stepped and ham at the Claysville Store for down exactly and squarely into the Editor’s note: Since our article last several years, so we appreciated the At Heritage, we’re constantly evolving to meet impression left by the front hoof, summer, Anheuser-Busch has begun article on it (“Out of the Way Eats,” farmer’s needs head-on. Whether you’re in the leaving only two hoof prints. offering guided group tours of its May 2010). The article about The market for a building to protect your tractors, or In fact, my dad always told me Clydesdale breeding farm. For more Railyard Steakhouse in Brunswick something to keep your livestock sheltered, we can how the old-timers applied the information, call 888-972-5933 or (“Out of the Way Eats,” December help. Today’s farmer has never had so many options. term to the gait of these wondervisit 2009) was especially interesting Call us today for solutions that best suit ful horses was by watching foxes as one of the owners is a distant your farm. travel (trot). If you track a fox in cousin of my wife, so we had to try Mesker musings the snow, all you will find is two it. It is as good as you described. tracks. The Olive Branch at Gravois I just wanted to let you know 1.800.643.5555 I realize that with time, things Mills (“Out of the Way Eats,” Februhow much I enjoyed your article change, but the fox trot cannot ary 2010) was close enough to the on “The forefront of storefronts.” be taught, trained or shod for, it place we spent our honeymoon (September 2010). I was surprised comes naturally or not at all. — and to where we entertained to read it, and I just wanted you to Anna (Anderson) Crabtree our children for our 50th anniver- 10HBS000 Rural Missouri_2-25x3_bw_fnl.indd 1 know how far-reaching your article 5/7/2010 10:18:31 AM Summersville sary — that we spent the Saturday went. Thanks to people like Hallie night meal there. It was outstandFieser who help retain and preserve ing. They were very accommodatour heritage. Cleaning clarification ing to our 12 people ranging in Gladys E. Kastrup age from 10 months to 75 years. Prescott, Ariz. We have enjoyed reading the The owner first said your article article by Erin Stubblefield about was the best advertising she had our farm and dairy (“Milk from the Questioning the cover done, but amended that by adding farm to the table,” September 2010). “free” in front of the advertising. We’ve gotten numerous inquiries First, let me say I enjoy Rural MisMobile Home Super I know she really meant it when about our milk since the publicasouri magazine. It has many good Insulated Roof Over Systems she added that she had been plantion came out this week. Thank and interesting articles. 40 Year Warranty ning to take a friend to The Cave you so much for writing about us. I full well realize this is a free Restaurant (“Out of the Way Eats,” However, there is a correction country, and freedom of speech Factory Direct From Roof King September 2010) but wouldn’t do it that is important. In paragraphs and expression are a wonderful for a while now, inferring that she 26 and 27, it discusses our younger right that we have; however, that thought they would be busier than children washing the bottles. The freedom should be used appropriusual since their article. children have various responsibiliately and suitably. Why would you Thanks so much for the great ties at the plant, but they do not want to have a big, appealing-topublication. Maybe the best things wash the bottles. The bottles are many, picture of alcoholic beverin life are really free. put through an industrial bottle ages on the front page of the Rural Dick Taylor washer where they are washed, Missouri magazine (“Charleville Fayette rinsed and sanitized. I would hate Vineyard and Microbrewery,” Septemfor anyone to think that we rely on ber 2010)? Because your health or your child’s health is in such poor condition that you are Editor’s note: Read more about children to sanitize our bottles. Yes, I am a Baptist pastor and unable to work these and other “Out of the Way Again, we thank you for featurI preach against the evil of alcoSOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY Eats” restaurants in our new travel ing us in your fine magazine. hol consumption. I am also a first may be your answer if a physical or mental condiguide. See page 31 for ordering inforTeresa Fry responder on the local fire departtion prevents you from working. Unfortunately, mation. Mountain Grove ment and have seen firsthand many people are unaware of the financial and medical assistance available to them through the Social Security Disability Program. For a FREE phone consultation and informative brochure, call 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK Rural Missouri will publish signed letters relating to the contents of the publication. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Be sure to write legibly and tell us where you live. Send letters to: MOBILE HOME Owners: ROOF KING 1-800-748-0645 DO YOU NEED MONEY... Feeling social? Check us out on Facebook! RURAL MISSOURI 14 ASSOCIATION OF DISABILITY ADVOCATES, INC. 1-888-350-1247

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Rural Missouri - October 2010
Good Times on the Berryman
Elk in Missouri?
Mail Bag
Right-of-Way Management
Out of the Way Eats
Live Like a Viking
Two Men and a Cave
Hearth and Home
News Briefs
Paddlin' for a Cure
Get in Touch with Ghosts
Around Missouri

Rural Missouri - October 2010