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H 2010 YEAR-END CLEARANCE!!! ATTENTION FARMERS! M A I L Appreciation for ink B A G and made a great sticky pumpkin pie from the recipe given in the paper. Our family is looking forward to returning to your community and attending the festivals and trying out the restaurants in the area. Thanks Rural Missouri! You’re awesome! Caroll and Patricia Chaney Grand Lake, Okla. ULTIMATE HAY BUILDING! FSA LOANS NOW AVAILABLE FOR HAY STORAGE •Heavy Gauge Steel-Strongest for Wind, Snow and Ice! •Ideal for Machinery, Shops, Commodity Storage NO BIRDS! •USA Manufactured with 30 Year Warranty Rural Missouri will publish signed letters relating to the contents of the publication. Letters may On behalf of the Atchibe edited for length and clarity. Be sure to write son County Memorial legibly and tell us where you live. Send letters to: Building Foundation, we sincerely thank you Rural Missouri Mail Bag for the article about our P.O. Box 1645, Jefferson City, MO 65102 “grand ole girl,” the Walk of Honor and our honYou may also FAX us at 573-636-9499 or send ored vets (“Lest we forget,” an e-mail to November 2010). The timing was great (just before Veterans Day), as country to country like here we were the photos. All in all, we’re Closing the cover controversy travel from state to state. extremely pleased with the outWe spent one weekend in Paris come and grateful for the spotlight I would like to respond to all the and another later in Amsterdam. on our war memorial and veterans. many comments regarding PasBecause we had already visited Thanks again. tor Leroy Bates and his views on Mexico, that takes care of three of Janet Griffin alcohol that stemmed from your your pictures! Rock Port September cover on wineries in Since our Navy captain son, Missouri. I’m amazed at how alcoBob, was on an overseas tour of Just wanted to write and thank you hol consumption in any form is duty in Naples, Italy, we visited the for the nice article on fox trotters defended by so many people when family for Christmas. On we flew (“Missouri’s Horse,” September 2010). we can look all around us and see to Greece and Egypt. That makes We have heard lots of nice complithe devastating effects of its use. five of your seven pictures. ments about the feature, and folks Alcohol is a drug, a very dangerous The cleverly arranged silos to have let us know that what they one at that, and its use becomes represent the pyramids fascinated read, they liked. They even now very addictive. me. We saw them in the hot noonknow that the Missouri Fox Trotter By the way, the word “wine” in day sun while riding a camel . . . is the state horse. Education at its the Bible is used in the same way Thanks for taking me down best . . . as our word “drink.” Sometimes memory lane. Thank you so much Jim McCar“wine” is used in the Bible as new Renee Ketts ty for taking time to come to Ava wine or grape juice, and at other St. Charles and Fairdealing to gather informatimes it is an intoxicating beverage tion and talk to MFTHBA mem. . . I don’t believe Jesus would conThanks for the feature article about bers. We certainly appreciate the demn alcohol in parts of the Bible, the classic gospel song, “I’ll fly resulting nice article featuring the and then condone it by serving away,” and its author Albert E. state horse of Missouri. it at a wedding feast in the New Brumley (July 2010). That should Jim Mann Testament. No, this “wine” was the make Missourians proud to know President, Missouri Fox Trotting Horse new wine or grape juice, not an we have this famous songwriter . . . Breed Association intoxicating drink. I am anxiously awaiting song Fairdealing Beverly Lincoln books ordered from the company Marble Hill mentioned in Powell. They have A smattering of kudos a wealth of the early gospel music While I understand and agree with sung by our pioneers that have a Pastor Leroy Bates’ concern about Just a note along with our request great message for today’s Chris“the effects of too much alcohol for the “Out of the Way Eats” tians who love to sing. consumption” (Mailbag, October book: We love your magazine; Margaret Birkenholz 2010), since God made “wine to can’t wait for it to arrive each Hopkins gladden the heart of man” (Psalms month. I taught fourth grade for 104:15) and Jesus drank wine many years, the grade that teaches and was even accused of being a Missouri history. Your articles were A salute from a Sooner drunkard (Matthew 11:16-19, Luke so great, I often used them in class. 7:31-35), there is nothing wrong Every state should have such a Last weekend, my husband and with the making and moderate wonderful publication! Keep up I rode through a small commudrinking of wine or other alcoholic the good work. I can’t wait to get nity in Missouri called Cassville. drinks. Therefore, I see no probthe book and find new places to The restaurant we chose, The Rib, lem in featuring wineries in your visit in our great state. welcomed us as if we were one of publication. Nancy Erickson their own. The food was good, the God is also against gluttony Fulton service was great. A Rural Missouri (Deuteronomy 2:18-21 and Provnewspaper was on the counter. erbs 23:19-21) and many people I got so excited when I saw this Since my husband has been a misuse food by consuming too article, “See the World . . . in Mislongtime employee of Northeast much of it . . . souri!” in pictures (September 2010). Oklahoma Electric Cooperative for But one thing I believe we do Thanks to McDonnell Douglas many years, we were eager to share need is tougher punishment for sending us to Germany for the cothe paper while we waited. those who do misuse alcohol and production of the F-4 Phantom, we I would like to say we were hurt others as a result. had three years of marvelous weekimpressed with your state informaRev. Norman Heironimus end and vacation travel adventures tion and the articles we read. After Cuba in Europe. There you go from returning home, I used a recipe 800-894-9408 SAVE THOUSANDS ON SELECTED BUILDING SIZES - NEXT 30 DAYS ONLY BUY LOCAL-DEAL LOCAL-SERVICE LOCAL MOBILE HOME ROOF KING Mobile Home Super Insulated Roof Over Systems 40 Year Warranty Factory Direct From Roof King Owners: 1-800-748-0645 DO YOU NEED MONEY... 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Rural Missouri - December 2010
Lester Dent
The Owl Innkeepers
Mail Bag
Out of the Way Eats
Best of Rural Missouri
Hearth and Home
News Briefs
Just Claus
Too Good to Be True?
Around Missouri

Rural Missouri - December 2010