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Buddy Bear’s favorite books hope you plan to read during your holiday break from school. I’d recommend that you read one of these classics when you get a chance — and don’t forget to enter the drawing for these books (see the instructions at the end of this section). Black Beauty by Anna Sewell; for grades 5 through 7. Loyalty, survival and kindness are the best words to describe the tale of Black Beauty. As a young horse, Black Beauty is well loved and happy. But when his owner is forced to sell him, Black Beauty’s life changes drastically. He has many new owners — some cruel, some kind. All he needs is someone to love him again. And eventually he finds that friend. This wonderful story is told from Black Beauty’s viewpoint, shared only as the horse could tell it. The Call of the Wild by Jack London; for grades 4 through 7. Stolen from his home and family in California, a dog named Buck must quickly adapt to the harsh laws of survival — both among men and sled dogs — in the Alaskan wilderness. Much like Black Beauty, this story I tells the life of Buck as he is passed from owner to owner. His intelligence, courage and cunning transform him into a feared leader among the sled dogs. As wolves attack and men grow weary in search of gold, Buck must heed the call of the wild — and only the strong will survive. Ribsy by Beverly Cleary; for grades 3 through 5. Henry Huggins’ dog, Ribsy, is hopelessly lost in a huge shopping mall parking lot. It’s raining hard, the pavement is slick, horns are honking and drivers are shouting at him. When Ribsy thinks he has found the Huggins’ new station wagon at last, he jumps in the open tailgate window and falls asleep, exhausted. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the wrong car with the wrong children (who are planning to take him home and give him a bath!) All Ribsy wants to do is get back to home and Henry. Instead, he’s about to begin the liveliest adventure of his life before finding his way back home. Look for these classics in your local library or bookstore. NOTE: Each winner will receive a BONUS book this month. So be sure to enter to win! Buddy Bear’s Word Watch T ry your hand at my monthly word watch. It’s easy. I’ll list three words for you to find. You read the stories in Rural Missouri and look for the words. When you find them, look them up in a dictionary to learn what they mean. Then send me a note telling me the stories where you found the words, what each word means as it’s used in the story and your age. If you get all the words right, your name goes into a drawing to win one of our Buddy Bear drawstring backpacks! We’ll pick up to five winners each month. Send your answers to: Buddy Bear’s Word Watch P. O. Box 1645 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Deadline to enter is the 15th of the month that Rural Missouri is dated. (For example, words from the May issue would be due May 15.) Kids, please wait a month before re-entering — and parents, this is only for kids up to age 15. Entries must be handwritten by the youth, please. Can you find this month’s words? 1) migratory 2) ecclesiastical 3) foxhole Congratulations to this month’s winners: Christian Shaw, Austin Keats, Kyle Hill, Josephine Wick and Eugene Yoder. Enter to win a book! S end your name, address and one book title (from above) that you’d like to win to: Buddy’s Book Drawing, P.O. Box 1645, Jefferson City, MO 65102. Deadline to enter is Dec. 14, 2010. (Remember adults, this contest is for kids only!) 34 RURAL MISSOURI

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Rural Missouri - December 2010
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Rural Missouri - December 2010