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FACTORY CLOSED 30 DAYS SAVE THOUSANDS ON REMAINING 2010 INVENTORY M A I L A reason to hoot B A G readers appreciate. I promise you: For every person who might have an agenda against our authentic history and Christian heritage, and thus speak against the nativity, there are thousands of us who still appreciate “CHRISTmas” and the reason for the season. Keep up the great work Rural Missouri! Wade and Nancy Dickerson Halltown ULTIMATE HAY BUILDING! FSA LOANS NOW AVAILABLE FOR HAY STORAGE •Heavy Gauge Steel-Strongest for Wind, Snow and Ice! •Ideal for Machinery, Shops, Commodity Storage NO BIRDS! •USA Manufactured with 30 Year Warranty Rural Missouri will publish signed letters relating to the contents of the publication. Letters may I just read your story on be edited for length and clarity. Be sure to write barn owls (“The owl innlegibly and tell us where you live. Send letters to: keepers,” December 2010), and you would be happy Rural Missouri Mail Bag to know that in our barn P.O. Box 1645, Jefferson City, MO 65102 is a pair of barn owls. Years ago, I built a nest You may also FAX us at 573-636-9499 or send box in the hayloft and an e-mail to even had some babies in it at one time. We usually have one or two nest in years experience with a weight of it. I hear them at night, and they 165 pounds and a height of 5 feet make an eerie sound. My grandfa10 inches. Many of us who know ther didn’t like the owls because More on the Man of Bronze Hugh well believe he has a heart they pooped all over the stuff he made of gold. kept up there. There isn’t much of I enjoyed your article about Lester John Marvin “Juicy” Sprigg anything up there worth anything Dent (La Plata’s Man of Bronze,” Marshall anymore, so I don’t bother them. December 2010). There are a few Dale Leaming side notes you missed, though. Jasper There was a Doc Savage movie A Christmas blessing in 1975 produced by George Pal with Ron Ely starring in the title Revved up about photo I wanted to say thank you for your role. Frankly, I think an earlier cover on the current issue of Rural effort to recruit Chuck Connors Missouri (“Journey to Bethlehem,” I really enjoyed the article about would have been more suitable Sullivan). It was so refreshing to see Jamie McMurray in the November or even a later attempt to recruit a picture showing the true story of 2010 issue (“The Missouri connecArnold Schwarzenegger. In any Christmas. I’m sure it’s not an easy tion.”) Jamie represents his home case, George Pal attempted to outchoice these days when talking state well, and we are proud of his camp the Adam West/Burt Ward about Christmas and Jesus seems many achievements. Batman series on an Ed Wood-sized to stir up trouble. I just wanted to I must take issue, however, with budget. The results may be charitalet you know that it was a blessing the photo caption on page 21. If bly characterized as awful. to see, and we thank you! Jamie is “battling” for position An interesting side note is LynDelle Petrov with Carl Edwards, it isn’t much that there was an attempt to take Wentzville of a battle. The cars appear to be adverse possession of the series under “caution” at the time of the by Black Mask Just a note to say how much your shot. You would never be able to published quite a few of the December cover picture of the read the tire lettering at speed. Fine series as free e-books until Condé nativity was appreciated. We have article otherwise. You can’t fool all Nast took note and launched a visited and appreciated the Harof the NASCAR fans all of the time! lawyer storm in 2006 to reclaim vester Christian Church outdoor Curt Duff its copyright. Black Mask is back production of the trip to BethleSarcoxie in business without Doc Savage, hem. Merry Christmas! which is sad because the series Judy Sigmund Editor’s Note: While it is true that could use more promotion than St. Paul racing photographers often blur the what it is getting. tires in photos to create the illusion of Gerald “Jerry” Dreisewerd I want to thank you for taking the speed, it is possible for today’s digital Warrenton photo on the cover of the Decemcameras to freeze the action, even at ber Rural Missouri. It is so refresh180 mph. The photo in question was I enjoyed your article on Lester ing to see the classic manger scene shot with a shutter speed of 1/5,000th Dent. In junior high in the early on the cover of this great magaof a second. ’60s, my best friend was a huge zine! There has been a movement Doc Savage fan. I had no idea that away from “Christmas” and its Love for Coach Dunn they were reprints from the ’30s legitimate roots in recent years — a and ’40s. It’s neat how so many trend that I and thousands of other How wonderful it is to read about talented people are hidden in the rural Missourians, I am sure, find people you know and love in Rural backwoods here in Missouri. troubling. Missouri (“Coach,” December 2010). Robert Ehrenberger The word “Christmas” is being Hugh Dunn called my number Shelbyville marginalized in favor of more in a football game, and it resulted generic terms like “Season’s Greetin a 75-yard touchdown run. On ings” and “Happy Holidays.” I am the sidelines after the touchdown, Content with the contents so grateful that Rural Missouri is I asked my teammates what hapwilling to stand by our heritage pened to the cornerback and safety I just wanted to let you know how and the terminology that dates on defense. They told me Hugh much I enjoy your publication. back for many generations. I am took care of both defenders and Every month, I see letters from even more grateful that in a day took them to the ground. someone telling how much they when the manger scene is being Margaret Rose Dunn (Peg) was enjoyed a certain article. But I have banned from city parks in some a wonderful volleyball player, and to tell you, I think they are all welllocations, Rural Missouri remains if she were now at Missouri Valley written and very interesting. No willing to display it. would be a starter for the girl’s volmatter what the subject is, they are Please, never let a ranting leyball team. all enjoyable. Thank you for a great minority pressure you to change Hugh Dunn was listed in a 1947 publication. this approach to the kind of pubfootball program as No. 73 from Jim Farris lication that the majority of your Harrisonville, Mo., halfback, three Sedalia 800-894-9408 SEE US AT WESTERN FARM SHOW FEB 25-27 AMERICAN ROYAL BOOTH 1500 UPPER EXHIBITION HALL ! Keep it Simple. 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Rural Missouri - January 2011
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Blackwater’s Bucksnort
Out of the Way Eats
Huntin’ With Hawks
Hearth and Home
News Briefs
Billards Meets Bowling
Getting $mart in the New Year
Meet Yorik, One Tricky Dog
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Rural Missouri - January 2011