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SAVE THOUSANDS! FARM SHOW SPECIALS M A I L Tops with the troops B A G ULTIMATE HAY BUILDING! FSA LOANS NOW AVAILABLE FOR HAY STORAGE •Heavy Gauge Steel-Strongest for Wind, Snow and Ice! •Ideal for Machinery, Shops, Commodity Storage NO BIRDS! •USA Manufactured with 30 Year Warranty It is so interesting to know that he was one of the first to introduce One of my grandsons, people to electricity. I can Clinton Easley, is in the imagine how excited the Navy, stationed on the women were to get this USS Halsey. When the Rural Missouri Mail Bag wonderful service for their ship is in port in San P.O. Box 1645, Jefferson City, MO 65102 homes. It is amazing how Diego, there are plenty someone that young could of things to do and a You may also FAX us at 573-636-9499 or send learn so much and be able lot of reading material an e-mail to to help build the first lines isn’t really necessary. that brought electricity to However, when the ship southeast Missouri. is deployed, as it is now, We were so fortunate to have the days get kind of long and the Enjoying the “e-version” him come aboard when the Standboys are always looking for someleys sold their small company to thing to help pass the time. I just wanted to drop you a note Black River. I am very proud to Clint’s dad and I have been and let you know how much I say that I know Mr. Standley and saving our magazines, along with enjoy the digital edition of Rural would like to commend him on his some donated by neighbors, and Missouri. I have always found achievements and his motivation we recently shipped three large articles in each hard-copy edition to accomplish such great things. boxes of magazines to Clint. interesting and informative. Now I Mr. Standley, I am sure that the Among them were National Geohave another opportunity to conpeople of Fredericktown join me in graphic, Smithsonian, Country, Readtinue to benefit from the talents of saying thanks for all that you have er’s Digest, Farm Collector and many your writers and photographers. done in the past, to give so many other nice magazines. Keep up the good work. people so much. Our lives will forClint told his dad they were Ralph Jobe ever be changed because of your all appreciated, but he said the Taos ambition to do what I consider a favorite of his — and the other dangerous job. You are my 2011 Missouri sailors stationed on the Remembering Lester hometown hero! ship — is Rural Missouri. They all Connie Hall gather around an issue, and at each I really enjoyed the Lester Dent Fredericktown story, at least one person will say, story (“La Plata’s Man of Bronze,” “I know where that is,” or “I was December 2010) as I used to live raised there,” or “That’s a really about 2 miles north of his father Kudos from the cooks good place to eat.” and mother, Bern Dent. I came to I thought you might like to La Plata with my father and mothJust wanted to thank you for feaknow that Rural Missouri is bringer, and there were eight children — turing us in your November (2010) ing some good memories to memsix boys and two girls — in 1933. issue (“Barnard Roadhouse Grill,” bers of the United States Navy. I remember at La Plata school, we Out of the Way Eats). It has been Alan Easley went on a tour of the Dent home such a joy to visit with all the cusColumbia and saw all of the collections he tomers who drove from all over had of his travels. I was 6 years old the state to visit us after the article when we moved to La Plata from appeared. You have very loyal folThanking Tom North Salem (Linn County). I have lowers. One couple told us that seen some of the photos Lester they visit every restaurant that Thanks for the great piece on Tom took from the air, and he also took appears in Rural Missouri. We at the Sater (“Turning back the clock,” moving pictures of the football Barnard Roadhouse Grill certainly December 2010). He was instrugames for the coach. He was pretty appreciate you! mental in renovating our parish in active in the civic activities as well. Margaret Diggs Martinsburg. He was great to work I have a photo of a class of high Savannah with, always teaching and explainschool students in the basement of ing. While St. Joseph’s parish may his house. He was teaching them not have been his most famous A great start to 2011 to make good photographs. Lester work, we were certainly blessed to Dent was a gentle giant and was have him help us. Just wanted to take the time to as common as could be . . . a man Tom Becker send a note regarding the January before his time. Laddonia 2011 issue. From front to back, it Harold Jaynes is really a great read. The story of Harrisonville Freedom Products (“Doing Wood Learning something new Right”) — wonderful. The story of the therapy dog (“Meet Yorik, one I really enjoyed reading the article, Showing appreciation tricky dog”) fell right in line with “Huntin’ with hawks” (January a person that called me a couple 2011). And the photos drew the I love your magazine and can’t weeks ago asking about a lead on eye to the story quite well. wait to read the articles and recipes the PHARM Dog project (“A differI’m glad that Rural Missouri has each month. The January 2011 ent breed of farmhand,” November articles on little-known places, issue had a wonderful article on 2009). He was looking for a dog activities, hobbies, etc., in MisLawrence Standley (“Pioneer Power,” for his dad. Great job again on the souri. How else would we find and Neighbors). I have known him for a publication. read about them? long time but did not realize what Tammy Goldammer-Stuart Maureen Janson an impact that he had throughout Lohman Salem the history of Black River Electric. Rural Missouri will publish signed letters relating to the contents of the publication. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Be sure to write legibly and tell us where you live. Send letters to: SEE US AT WESTERN FARM SHOW FEB 25-27 AMERICAN ROYAL BOOTH 1500 UPPER EXHIBITION HALL ! 800-894-9408 DO YOU NEED MONEY... Because your health or your child’s health is in such poor condition that you are unable to work may be your answer if a physical or mental condition prevents you from working. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the financial and medical assistance available to them through the Social Security Disability Program. For a FREE phone consultation and informative brochure, call 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY ASSOCIATION OF DISABILITY ADVOCATES, INC. 1-888-350-1247 MOBILE HOME ROOF KING Mobile Home Super Insulated Roof Over Systems 40 Year Warranty Factory Direct From Roof King Owners: Feeling social? Check us out on Facebook! 12 WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP 1-800-748-0645 http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rural Missouri - February 2011

Rural Missouri - February 2011
Table of Contents
Life Behind Bars
A Powerful Idea
Mail Bag
Angels Among Us
Out Of The Way Eats
The Store Time Forgot
Hearth and Home
News Briefs
For the Birds
Out With the Old...
World Wide Wood
Around Missouri
Just 4 Kids

Rural Missouri - February 2011