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Follow Us M A I L CFL concerns B A G Happy readers It would be better if artiI always look forward to cles about CFL bulbs told reading the publication, the whole story (“Out and February (2011) was with the old . . . in with the certainly one of your best. Rural Missouri Mail Bag new,” February 2011). For It never ceases to amaze P.O. Box 1645, Jefferson City, MO 65102 example, they don’t give me how you find the small as much light in cold, or out-of-the-way businesses You may also FAX us at 573-636-9499 or send even cool, temperatures. and stories that are so full an e-mail to Assuming no improveof flavor! I especially liked ments in manufacturing, the stories, “Life behind they contain mercury bars,” “The store time forthe funeral party, we realized that vapor, so if one is broken they are got” and “World wide wood.” after the graveside services, we a serious health hazard. And what Keep up the great work — your would need to find a good restauabout disposal of bulbs that no readership appreciates it! rant with ample seating. I called longer work? Bruce Clark for reservations and couldn’t have CFL bulbs cost more than incanKearney made a better choice than Reed’s descent bulbs, and there’s no way Bar and Grill. of knowing that the additional Just wanted to comment on your We were very pleased with the cost will be recouped by longer life awesome magazine. I thoroughly food, seating and hospitality. We because lab tests don’t necessarily enjoy each and every article! visited there again this past sumapproximate actual use. I am especially grateful that you mer. I would recommend this This sounds like another put the little map of Missouri with restaurant to anyone who is in the instance when the government the location on each article, as it area and looking for good food. has caused a problem by making helps to locate where in the state it Keep up the good work on it more and more difficult to genis without having to get out a map informing co-op members of places erate electricity cost-efficiently, and look it up. Thank you! we can enjoy here in Missouri. then requires the public to accept I also save all my issues and take Mrs. Alvin (June) Groshong a “solution” that is poorly conthem to my relatives in Pueblo, Troy ceived, costs more and doesn’t Colo., each fall so they can enjoy work very well. all of Missouri’s interesting places. I would appreciate an article We live in the tiny town of HanTales from Ten Mile that tells the whole story. non in the very southwest corner Alan Drewes of the state. We scan each issue I enjoyed the story on Hays store Platte City the day it arrives, looking for neat and Perry Hays (“The store time forplaces to take trips in our state. got,” February 2011). On a Saturday Editor’s Note: We received many Who says you have to travel on back in the early 1990s, my son letters about CFLs from readers who long trips to find such diversity? and I went to pick up a Port-A-Hut expressed opinions about the bulbs’ Thank you again for such a building. After visiting with Mr. safety, costs and even the color of the wonderful magazine! Hays, we headed home. light produced. While it is true that Barb King On Sunday morning at about many aspects of CFL lighting vary Hannon 9 o’clock, the phone rang. It was from traditional incandescent lightMr. Hays. He just wanted to know ing, the bottom line is CFL bulbs can We have been members of Osage that we made it home safely and to lower your monthly energy use. Valley Electric for about 15 years, thank us. How often does that hapIt is true CFLs contain mercury, and before that, we were members pen? What a gentleman he was. but the amount is very small, averagof Crawford Electric for more than Kirby Baumert ing about 4 milligrams, or about the 20 years, so we have enjoyed Rural Jamestown size of the period at the end of this Missouri for many years. The stories sentence. While steps should be folprovided in your publication are Several years ago, I had the privilowed to limit your exposure if a CFL not only interesting, but give us a lege of interviewing Perry Hays breaks, your primary hazard in dealdetailed view of some not necesfor the Fishing and Hunting Journal. ing with a broken CFL is the potential sarily well-known people and busiPerry was a delightful interview. for cuts from the broken glass, not the nesses around our state. He was fun to talk with and an small amount of mercury. I particularly enjoyed the article old-style quail hunter. I suspect we For more on CFLs and their proper about the Cuba cooperage in the talked quail hunting and dogs as disposal, visit the Missouri DepartFebruary issue (“World wide wood”) much as we talked about his store ment of Natural Resources’ website at and also the Freedom, Mo., wood and Ten Mile. business (“Doing wood right,” He ran pointers and proudly lighting.htm. January 2011). I lived in Franklin displayed two albino quail he’d County for more than 23 years and harvested and had mounted in a was unaware that these inventive glass display case. Somewhere in A testimonial to tastiness businesses were there. my files, I have photographs of Isn’t it terrific to know that Perry, the albino quail and Ten I was so happy to see the nice there are still people in our state Mile Store. If my failing memory is article on Reed’s Bar and Grill in who carry on good old American correct, he told about hunting four Wayland (“Out of the Way Eats,” know-how without sitting in front or five pointers at the same time, February 2011). of a computer all day? Thank you having all on point, and killing Last February, my sister-infor the dedicated people that go five quail on the flush — before the law passed away here in Lincoln out and report on these stories so days of plugged shotguns. County. However, prior to coming that those of us that live in rural Anyway, thank you for bringing here, she was a resident of Revere America can enjoy them! the great reads each month. in Clark County and chose to be Sharon Rosendahl Spencer Turner buried there. Hume Columbia Since it was a lengthy drive for Rural Missouri will publish signed letters relating to the contents of the publication. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Be sure to write legibly and tell us where you live. 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Rural Missouri - March 2011
Docent of the Walking Cane Dulcimer
Out of the Way Eats
Mail Bag
The No-Dig (And Less Sweat) Gardening Alternative
Grow a Delicious Landscape
A Recycled Craft
Hearth and Home
News Briefs
The Gainesville Gunner
Around Missouri
Top Apps for Rural Missourians

Rural Missouri - March 2011