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M A I L All kinds of weather B A G If you include nutritional information, it would be very helpful. Diabetics don’t just watch sugar intake. They must also watch the carbohydrates they eat since these convert quickly to sugar. Thanks again for all the great recipes each month! Lori Highfill Rogersville We just want to thank you for your service in all kinds of weather. Our power went out Rural Missouri Mail Bag during the blizzard TuesP.O. Box 1645, Jefferson City, MO 65102 day, Feb. 1. We had a transistor radio on and You may also FAX us at 573-636-9499 or send heard the announcer an e-mail to comment that “anyone with a power outage should expect to be out Editor’s Note: Nutritional informaof service because ‘no one’ would Content with CFLs tion is not always available for the be climbing the electric poles in recipes we feature. However, if you that kind of weather.” We know In the March 2011 Mail Bag, there have a question about a recipe, conthat sometimes there are massive were questions regarding longevity tact Associate Editor Heather Berry. problems that extend the outage and safety of the CFL lamps (“CFL She’ll do her best to find an answer. time. However, we are happy to concerns”). report that our power was out for We built our house in 1999 and less than three hours. So, we want put in 80 recessed fixtures with A ticket to history to say a big “thanks” to all those 65-watt flood CFL lamps. We have workers who are out during all had six lamps burn out since 1999 I was a senior in medical school at kinds of weather, along with all the and have not had a single lamp the University of Missouri in 1961, office and support staff. break. The six lamps that burned and I remember well the games Sheree Raddatz out were returned to the seller and where Joe Scott set the record and Eolia properly disposed of. All of the CFL when Charlie Henke and Wayne lamps consume only 20 watts but Hightower of the University of give 65 watts of light . . . Turning Kansas got into it under the basket Bluebird brethren on 80 CFL lamps at 20 watts each at old Brewer Field House (“The only uses 1,600 watts. If the 80 Gainesville Gunner,” March 2011). Read your very good bluebird lamps were standard 65 watt flood We were scheduled to have an article (“For the birds,” February lamps we would use 5,200 watts. examination on March 7. I decided 2011) about the Beeson family Quite a difference! I knew all there was to know near Cassville. I had a few bluebird The CFLs did cost more than about the subject and went to the houses in Virginia, but expanded incandescent lamps. But you have Missouri-Nebraska basketball game some when I moved here about 10 to consider the amount of time the instead of burning the midnight years ago. CFLs have been in use. How many oil. Little did I realize that I was My neighbor, Don Gerke, and I incandescent lamps would have about to see history in the making. live just outside Sedalia. Last year, been used in 11 years? Also, conI recall Joe as being a quick, we had more than 160 houses. We sider the amount of time changing skinny guy who could really shoot keep close records of all our houses lamps over an 11-year period. the basketball and used the backand try to check them once a We are happy with the CFLs and board a lot. By the end of the first week. Don plans to have 100 houswould not do anything different if half, I’m sure the hoop appeared to es this year; I will have about 90. we were building our house today. be 6 feet in diameter as everything Again, thanks for the great article. Dick Thorsen he put up went in. I knew he had Joseph Taylor Bevier a lot of points but didn’t realize Sedalia he had set a record until the PA announced it as Joe was carried off Fodder for field trips What the doctor ordered the court by his teammates. I also was at the other game I just wanted to let you know how You guys are too much. I got that Scott referred to in the (online much we love the articles in Rural wrapped up in the paper edition extra) video. It was on a SaturMissouri. Throughout the years that (March 2011) I received today and day afternoon and on national we home-schooled our children, got into the digital edition to hear TV. Charlie Henke was guarding Daniel and Tiffany, we learned the dulcimer play. Wow! Again, Wayne Hightower of KU. Henke of many wonderful locations in Wow!! It just got better and betblocked three consecutive shots by Missouri — hidden jewels for our ter. I enjoyed last month’s issue so Hightower, and out of frustration, Friday field trips. Tiffany now has much, and this one is even better. Hightower threw a punch at Henke six little ones under 7, and she is You and your staff do an excellent and the fun began. Both benches now home-schooling in Illinois. job. Please keep it going. Our famemptied and many fans streamed Daniel and his wife just have one ily doctor got us started on Rural onto the court. Coach Stalcup tried little boy so far, and he will also be Missouri a couple years ago. to calm things down, but the game home-schooled. Clyde Schremp was disrupted for almost 30 minThis last issue (January 2011) Rockwall, Texas utes before MU beat KU 79-76. holds a prize we will plan to visit Years later, I had the privilege of when they are all home sometime What’s for dinner? caring for Charlie Henke’s mother. this summer. The article I cut out When he came with her on her for future reference is about BlackI really enjoy the recipes that appointments, I would gently water’s Bucksnort. I can’t hardly you publish each month. This remind him that after his career in wait to go to see the place . . . month, your selections are geared school administration was over, he You have sent us and many toward diabetic recipes (“Keepin’ it could always go to Kansas and give other home-school families on healthy,” February 2011). Having a boxing lessons. adventures . . . diabetic living in the home, these Dr. Charles W. Cheek Jan Ehrenberger recipes really caught my attention. Rocheport Shelbyville Could I make one suggestion? Rural Missouri will publish signed letters relating to the contents of the publication. Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Be sure to write legibly and tell us where you live. Send letters to: 14 WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/RURALMISSOURI http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/RURALMISSOURI http://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/RURALMISSOURI http://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/RuralMOmag http://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/RuralMOmag http://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/RuralMOmag http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

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Rural Missouri - April 2011
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Rural Missouri - April 2011