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Get spooked in jail Although the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City was decommissioned in 2004, people are still passing through the gates of the historic landmark. Visitors now, though, are the touring type. Guided tours have been available since 2009, but thanks to demand from the public, the penitentiary is now offering evening tours. Visitors can get a glimpse of the fascinating and often shocking history since the prison first opened in 1836. Hear tales about famous criminals who were incarcerated and why the penitentiary was pegged “the bloodiest 47 acres in America” by Time magazine in 1967. Tour prices are $12 for a two-hour daytime tour, $17 for a two-hour twilight tour and $25 for ghost hunt tours. For $100, you get the chance to join a paranormal investigation, in which you start with the standard tour and then spend the night at the penitentiary to discover any spirits. Visit or call 866-998-6998 for available tour times, details and reservations. N E W S first quarter of this year, prices were higher for everyday staples purchased at grocery stores. Missourians saw from a 25- to 50-cent-per-pound increase in the cost of meat, and a gallon of whole milk rose 12 cents to $3.27. On a good note, the price for Grade A eggs dropped by 29 cents to $1.44 a dozen and flour dropped a statewide average of 24 cents to $1.80 for 5 pounds. Other items in the statewide survey included Red Delicious apples, up 2 cents to $1.51 a pound; orange juice, down to $2.55 for a half gallon; and American salad mix down 11 cents at $1.98 a pound. For more on food market prices and Missouri Farm Bureau’s market surveys, visit or call 800-922-4632. B R I E F S institutions and historic sites that were associated with events during the Civil War. As communities observe the sesquicentennial of the war in the coming years, there is no better time to learn about the ShowMe State’s rich history and involvement in the Civil War. Missouri had more battles than any state other than Virginia and Tennessee. Fighting stretched from Athens in the northeast corner to Carthage in the southwest and to the Bootheel swamps. For information about sesquicentennial events, top Civil War attraction sites and historical facts, visit tian County, the state’s healthiest. The study also found 45 percent of children in Pemiscot County live in poverty. Suburban areas near high-paying jobs and health care facilities tended to fare better in the rankings. Missouri’s healthiest counties included Boone, St. Charles, Platte and Clay counties. For more statistics on health, environmental, clinical care and social issues for counties across the country and where your county ranked, visit Women in the outdoors The Missouri Department of Conservation invites women to get hands-on outdoor skills training at its Discover Nature Women Summer Workshop, June 3-5 at the Windermere Conference Center in Roach. Basic instruction will include archery, hunting, canoeing, outdoor cooking, firearms, camping, fishing fundamentals, fly-tying and map and GPS reading. The workshop is free, but a $20 deposit is required upon registration. The deadline to register is May 13. Participants are responsible for making room and meal reservations directly with Windermere online at or by calling 573-346-5200. For more information on the workshop, search “Discover Nature Women” at Hardships in the Bootheel A recent study found nine of the 10 unhealthiest counties of the state are in southeast Missouri. The report from the University of Wisconsin Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that the rate of premature death and teen births in Pemiscot County is twice as high as in Chris- Taking a bigger hit at the store The start of 2011 is not shaping up so good for grocery shoppers as it appears prices for some food items are rising in the Show-Me State. The Missouri Farm Bureau’s Market Basket Survey found that in the Next exit: Civil War history Missouri’s Civil War sites will be easier to find later this year, thanks to a new signage program. Look for these signs along highways directing you to municipalities, BUILDING SYSTEMS KOEHN We offer complete custom building packages, primarily for the commercial and ag markets. Our packages can include: Foundations High-R Insulation Windows and Doors (including wide doors) Erection Interior Liner Electrical HVAC Many other options 30’ x 50’ x 10’.....$9,347 40’ x 60’ x 12’.....$12,885 60’ x 100’ x 12’...$24,546 80’ x 100’ x 14’...$33,828 100’ x 150’ x 14..$60,938 Farm • Industrial • Commercial 25 Year Warranty on Roof & Walls; Prices F.O.B. Mfg. Plants; Seal Stamped Blue Prints; Easy Bolt Together Design. PRICES INCLUDE COLOR SIDES & GALVALUME ROOF Steel Buildings Phone: 866-943-7751 Website: Arena Special (roof & frame) 100’ x 100’ x 14’...$37,352 (Local codes may affect prices) VISIT OUR WEBSITE VISIT OUR WEBSITE F a x : 9 4 0 - 4 8 4 - 6 7 4 6 e m a i l : Website: http://www.RHINOBLDG.COM Toll Free 1-888-320-7466 All SteelFraming • Professional Construction • Free Quotes STEEL BUILDINGS SPECIALIZING IN: WARNING! HARboRING A KIlleR! 26 26 Don’T sprEAD pEsTs! only Burn Wood You Buy Locally. youR fIReWood Could be To report a possible EAB infestation, call 1-866-716-9974 or “We provide solutions to your space needs” HEARTLAND 1-800-664-7055 Self Storage Buildings & Commercial Buildings STEEL BUILDINGS WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP WWW.RURAL MISSOURI.COOP http://www.RHINOBLDG.COM http://www.RHINOBLDG.COM http://www.RHINOBLDG.COM http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

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