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North Pole word search bells (1) bows (6) candy canes (3) caroles (5) cookies (1) elves (2) gifts (3) hammer (1) hot cocoa (2) list (3) paint (8) presents (2) reindeer (1) Santa (2) snow (2) toys (3) tree (4) workshop (4) Congratulations to last month’s book drawing winners! Isaac Wells, Kristi Stack, M. J. Walsh, Claire Isgrig, Garret Watts and Kassidey Brown. Thanks for entering! B uddy needs your help finding these words that make him think of Santa and the North Pole. The words can be found forward, backward or diagonally. Some words appear more than once — the number of times you can find the word is listed in parentheses. An answer key can be found at Buddy Bear’s Word Watch T ry your hand at my monthly word watch. It’s easy. I’ll list three words for you to find. You read the stories in Rural Missouri and look for the words. When you find them, look them up in a dictionary to learn what they mean. Then send me a note telling me the stories where you found the words, what each word means as it’s used in the story and your age. If you get all the words right, your name goes into a drawing to win one of our Buddy Bear drawstring backpacks! We’ll pick up to five winners each month. Send your answers to: Buddy Bear’s Word Watch P. O. Box 1645 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Deadline to enter is Dec. 12. Kids, please wait a month before re-entering — and parents, this is only for kids up to age 15. Entries must be handwritten by the youth, please. Can you find this month’s words? 1) supplanted 2) donned 3) guano Congratulations to last month’s Word Watch winners: Naomi Cate, Jessica Hostetler, Jodie Dean, Taylor Paddock and Madison Jones 34 WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rural Missouri - December 2011

Rural Missouri - December 2011
Table of COntents
Giggin’ on the Gasconade
A historic rumbling
Bent on perfection
Out of the Way Eats
Christmas country church tour
Hearth and Home
News Briefs
Of two governments
Best of rural Missouri
Around Missouri

Rural Missouri - December 2011