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Meet Mount Vernon’s Jiujitsu Queen W 8-year-old Raegan Boswell is learning to master this martial art opponents to the mat for the win. “It’s designed for the smaller person to overcome the larger,” says Drew Hill, jiujitsu trainer at D-Fine Gym in Mount Vernon. Raegan’s parents, Adam and Cassi Boswell, own the gym and are members of Ozark Electric Cooperative. Raegan’s brothers, Ty, 12, and Will, 11, also compete. All that practice with her siblings, as well as other teammates, gives her a leg up on the competition. “I think the reason Raegan does so well is she goes out there to have fun. She’s not pressured to win, and she just gives it her all,” says Drew. “She goes out smiling, bows to her opponent, then tears them up.” eighing in at a mere 60 pounds, this 4-foot-2-inch grade schooler doesn’t seem to have much weight to toss around. But Raegan Boswell lets competitors know she means business when she hits the mat. The 8-year-old has competed in Brazilian jiujitsu as part of the Strike Hold Jiujitsu/Shawn Hammonds team in Mount Vernon for the past two years. Jiujitsu is considered a more gentle martial art that was used by warriors in Japan centuries ago. The art consists of wrestling-like holds, tosses and leverage moves to pin Of the white, gray, yellow, orange or green belts Raegan can earn in the youth division, she’s a yellow. Often, there are no girls her age or in her weight bracket to compete against at tournaments. So she’s pitted against more skilled athletes — usually boys — but that doesn’t deter the third-grader. “I’ve only been beaten by two boys so far,” says Raegan, smiling. In a year and a half, she’s racked up more than a dozen medals as well as many real Samurai swords, which are often given as first-place awards. She also garnered first place in the Pan American Games this year, an international competition. By 16, Raegan will be in the adult ranks. While she should start as a blue belt, Drew says she’ll probably be a purple belt — the third adult rank. “She’s just that good,” he says. T ry your hand at my monthly word watch. It’s easy. I’ll list three words for you to find. Read the stories in Rural Missouri and look for the words. When you find them, send me a note telling me the stories where you found the words, what each word means as it’s used in the story and your age. If you get all the words right, your name goes into a drawing to win one of our Buddy Bear drawstring backpacks! We’ll pick up to five winners each month. Send your answers to: Buddy Bear’s Word Watch P. O. Box 1645 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Entries must be received by July 16. Kids, please wait a month before re-entering — and parents, this is only for kids up to age 15. Entries must be handwritten by the youth, please. Can you find this month’s words? infernal, forlorn, rookery Congratulations to last month’s winners: Brian Zimmerman, Lauren DeMalade, John David Hoover, Annie Mills and Jessica Hudson Left: Raegan Boswell poses with the massive wrestling-style belt she won for first place at a North American Grappling Association competition. Above: Raegan, 8, trains several days a week on her jiujitsu techniques. If there’s a shortage of classmates to train with, Raegan practices with her 11-year-old brother, Will. Did you know? If you injure the skin on your fingertips, your unique fingerprint will eventually grow back just like it was. Source: 38 WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

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