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Do you have what it takes to defeat these Missouri food Summon your Stom I Kyle Spradley The 77oz Steak Ch Where: Black Iron Grill Time: 1 hour Reward: Money back and T-shirt Details: When Kim and Rick DeBuhr decided to open a restaurant, they knew they wanted to have a combination of places they visited over the years. “One place we always loved to stop was in Amarillo,” says Kim, an Atchison-Holt Electric Cooperative member. “They were famous for ‘The Big Texan,’ a 72-ounce steak. We wanted a big steak, too, but we knew we had to go bigger.” After opening in 2007, Black Iron Grill’s 77-ounce steak was born. The superCost: $110 n a classic scene from the 1988 film, “The Great Outdoors,” Chet Ripley, as portrayed by John Candy, famously takes down “The Old 96er” at Paul Bunyan’s Cupboard restaurant. Whether you grimace or laugh along as Chet painstakingly finishes the last of the gristle and fat of the massive steak, one can’t help but be entertained. Recently, several television shows have highlighted a growing trend in food challenges. Many restaurants have added them to their menus to entice patrons. In Missouri alone, there are more than 70 contests that test the endurance of one’s stomach. This month, we feature a few of the biggest from across the state. From behemoth burritos and mega burgers to oversized pancakes and massive pizzas, the Show-Me State has it all. Now pull up a chair, loosen that belt and get ready to dig in. The clock starts now! Need advice to prepare for one of these challenges? Contact competitive eater Randy Santel. He has defeated more than 100 challenges in 14 states. Keep track of his progress and find tips on how you can train to become a competitive eater at Ultimate Mac-Daddy Burger Where: Bair’s All American Sports Grill Cost: $34.99 Reward: T-shirt Details: Bair’s has 35 different burgers on the menu, but none match the size of the Ultimate Mac Daddy. This behemoth was introduced in February 2011 and weighs 5 pounds. It includes four, 1-pound grilled patties covered in 16 slices of cheese and 16 strips of thickTime: 1 hour cut bacon between an extra-large homemade bun. It is your choice to add condiments. If that wasn’t enough, a double order of fries comes on the side. “At Bair’s, we promise you won’t go home hungry,” says owner Timothy Bair. Directions: Located at 3821 S. Campbell Ave. in Springfield. Contact: 417-368-5919; Record: 1 out of 12 have defeated it The Big Philly Where: Philly’s Pizza Time: 40 minutes Reward: Money back, T-shirt and name on wall of fame Details: Touted as Missouri’s biggest pizza by owner Denis Phillips, The Big Philly has yet to meet its match. The 30-inch pizza is a two-person challenge and weighs 15 pounds, 4 ounces. “It comes with two topCost: $65 20 WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Rural Missouri - October 2012

Rural Missouri - October 2012
Table of Contents
The future of food
A grotesque spectacle
Out of the Way Eats
Summon your stomach
Soothing suds
Hearth and Home
Out of the woodwork
Around Missouri
A heart to serve

Rural Missouri - October 2012