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C O N T E N T S Features 10 4 Departments Comments National and statewide news Columns Hart to heart The future of food Forrest Lucas’ investment in Missouri is all about feeding the next generation 5 12 A grotesque spectacle Ten face the firing squad in northeast Missouri 10 14 Outdoors Get hooked on antique lures 16 Out of the Way Eats Wabash Junction 24 Hearth and Home Tricked-out treats 30 Marketplace Classified ads 32 Around Missouri Missouri happenings 36 Neighbors A heart to serve 38 Just4Kids Fun stuff from Buddy 20 Summon your stomach Do you have what it takes to defeat these Missouri food challenges? 22 Soothing suds A hobby turns into a business for a Noel couple 20 29 Out of the woodwork Historic Hannibal home becomes a school for preservation 36 A heart to serve Riley Banks is on a mission to change the world, loving one child at a time 36 photo courtesy of Generation Next About our cover I n Ripley County, logging has been big business for decades. To help preserve the area’s rich timber heritage, the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce organized the Ozark Regional Timberfest in 2005. The annual event is held at the Ripley County Fairgrounds in Doniphan each October. For two days, approximately 5,000 visitors watch as teams participate in a variety of competitions including firewood relay, team rail split, horseshoe toss, bucket brigade, tug of war, corn shelling, corn cob relay, pole ride, rail splitting and much more. The tag team rail split, as seen at the left, is another competition the public enjoys. College forestry teams, such as the Triple Creek Cutters from Three Rivers Community College and Timber Tigers, representing the University of Missouri Forestry Club, participate in a variety of collegiate challenges throughout the logging-themed event. On our cover, two female loggers from competing colleges participate in the underhand speed chop competition. The devil’s in the details here, as position of the wood, chopping style and body placement can add up to a win if you’ve got the speed and accuracy to back it up. Other college team matches include the bucksaw competition and pole climb. The best of the best move on to the finals on the second day. Other events include a chainsaw speed cut and crosscut race, chainsaw carving auction and a draft horse pull at the close of the festivities. This year’s event is scheduled for Oct. 12-13. Admission is $6 for adults, $3 for students; 5 and under are free. For team fees or competition information, contact the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce at 573-996-2212 or send an e-mail to Cover and photo at left by Heather Berry. OCTOBER 2012 3

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Rural Missouri - October 2012
Table of Contents
The future of food
A grotesque spectacle
Out of the Way Eats
Summon your stomach
Soothing suds
Hearth and Home
Out of the woodwork
Around Missouri
A heart to serve

Rural Missouri - October 2012