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O U T W O F T H E W A Y E A T S by Heather Berry hen Kenton Dittmer’s wife, Annette, said she wanted to open a restaurant, he promised that he’d build her one. “From now on, I’m going to be more cautious about what I promise,” says Kenton. The Higginsville couple’s foray into the world of restaurant ownership was a bit unique compared to others. In 2001, they bought a local liquor store and bait shop. “We kept talking about having a restaurant,” says Annette. “Seven years later, Kenton built the restaurant onto the store, and we opened the Red Shanty.” Patrons probably find the Red Shanty’s décor a bit eclectic, but it only adds to the experience. As you step through the front door of the inconspicuous red building, bait buckets hang To watch a video featuring from the ceilRed Shanty, click this button ing awaiting inside our digital edition at their minnows, old signs and photographs fill photo by Kile Brewer every wall space, while liquor bottles neatly line shelves. Kenton and Annette Dittmer invite you to their Higginsville cafe for a meal that will keep you coming back for more. When you walk to your table, the charm of the Red Shanty really begins to show. Recycled barn wood adorns the walls, floors and ceilings, and old wooden windows hang on the wall for decoration. You’ll find the inside is charming. But if the weather is nice, ask to sit outside on the covered deck, where chalkboards colorfully list current features. There’s an unhurried, homey feeling here, and you’ll want to sit back, take your time and including the Bodega salad, with lettuce, seasonal sandwich and the chicken BLT. Or try the pulled enjoy the meal you’re about to order. fruit, feta cheese and creamy vinaigrette dressing pork or beef brisket wraps. Be sure to get a side of “As a family, we’ve always liked meal time and (sautéed, smoked chicken is optional). MC’s meaty, smoked pit beans. cooking,” says Annette, who was once a home There are weekly specials, such as scrumptious Locals love the Frog Pollard, named after a economics teacher. “Kenton has always said I’d Mac Daddy, a rich macaroni and cheese dish with character who’s long since passed, but rememrather cook for 25 than five, and it’s true.” four cheeses, ham, sweet peas and diced tomabered from the days he cooked at a local diner. The husband-and-wife team says it took time toes. There’s usually a specialty salad and a main “It’s a smoked sausage sandwich with pickles for customers to get comfortable with coming dish, such as Kenton’s smoked pork loin chop and mayonnaise,” says Kenton. “It’s really good. through the front door of a liquor store and bait with the Red Shanty’s own barbecue glaze. Everybody should try it sometime.” shop to get to the restaurant. Kenton handles the smoking side of the While the menu is loaded with meat options, “People started realizing we were more restaumenu, and he’s generous when it comes to the it also boasts six regular entrée-sized salads, rant than liquor store,” Kenton says. pork loins, cutting them 1-3/4 to Those who enter the Red Shanty’s 2-inches thick. While they’re a favorite, doors won’t be disappointed. The other items outrank them. Red Shanty first thing you’ll notice is the smoky “Pulled pork is probably the No. 1 aroma — which might make choices seller, with brisket and ribs neck and Specialties: Smoked burgers, thick• difficult, since barbecue options make neck after that,” says Kenton. cut smoked pork loin chops, barbecue Higginsville up nearly half of the diverse menu. No room for dessert? Order a piece ribs, beef brisket wraps, homemade For starters, you might want to to go — you’ll be glad you did. At last desserts. order one of the 99 wines, beers or count, Annette had 40 options. She cocktails the restaurant offers should offers six each week. you choose to imbibe. And order a Fourteen types of pie, nine cakes Prices: Entrées from $5.99 to $41.99 basket of fresh, homestyle potato and cheesecakes, nine different bread for a combo meal. Cash, Visa and Mastercard accepted. chips for which the café is known. puddings and eight versions of Ooey Unless you’re with a crowd, you’ll be Gooey Butter Cake make up the curDetails: Closed Sunday and Monday. Open Tuesday boxing up extras to take home. rent list of possibles. through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, If you’re in sandwich mood, try “Our desserts are so popular we’re one of the five specialty burgers — and considering mail-order,” says the West 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Seats 60 inside; 50 outside. Private parthese aren’t just any burgers. The Red Central Electric Cooperative member. ty space and catering available. Reservations for 8 or more. Shanty uses its own smoked, ground The couple knows they’re a bit off chuck to make the half-pounders. the beaten path, but they feel Red Address: 2201 Highway 13 in Higginsville. Other sandwiches include beef brisket, Shanty is well worth the drive. “The Trinity” (smoked beef brisket, “Any featured meal by my wife is Contact: 660-584-2204; pulled pork and the Red Shanty’s own gonna be good — you can’t go wrong,” smoked sausage), a smoked chicken says Kenton. Red Shanty 18 WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP BBQ & Roadside Cafe http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

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Rural Missouri - July 2013