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C O M M E N T S “Devoted to the rural way of life” Rural population drop July 2013 Volume 65 / Number 7 Rural population decreases, but parts of rural Missouri buck trends N counties — such as those surrounding Springfield, St. ew Census Bureau figures show that the popuLouis and Kansas City — that has long swelled the ranks of lation in non-metropolitan counties — a freneighboring non-metropolitan areas has all but stopped. quently used definition of “rural” — decreased by From 2004 to 2006, those non-metropolitan counties add44,000 people, or 0.1 percent nationally, between ed half-a-million people, then experienced a slight populaApril 2010 and July 2012. tion loss from 2010-2012. Rural America has long grown at a much slower clip In addition, the lure of recreation, tourism and retirethan metropolitan areas. But analysts say the latest data ment industries in rural America might be waning. Nationmark its first absolute drop, with implications for a variety wide, population growth in non-metro counties with recof federal programs. reation-based employment has dropped to just 0.5 percent Despite losing one congressional seat following the since 2010. However, access to recreation and tourism has 2010 Census, Missouri’s population actually increased by fueled tremendous 7 percent overall. growth for Missouri The state bucked electric cooperathe trend in some tives in southwest rural areas. But Missouri, especially traditional farmin the Branson ing areas in north area where White Missouri and the River Valley Electric Bootheel reflected serves. Around Fort the nationwide Leonard Wood, downward populaLaclede, Gascosage tion trend. and Intercounty The analysis is electric co-ops benbased on research efit from military started in the retirees. 1960s that divides The report the country into shows population metropolitan and growth has continnon-metropolitan ued in the southcounties. west Missouri lake That’s an acceptregion, along with ed way — though photo by Jim McCarty the area surroundnot the only one No one lives here now. Abandoned houses are common in many rural areas. ing Columbia and — of defining rural Springfield. Boone America. The AgriCounty’s 3.6 percent population increase led the state, culture Department plans to consolidate what it regards as while Johnson County (3.4 percent), Platte County (3.1 “rural,” so that communities of 50,000 people can qualify percent) and Christian County (3.1 percent) also showed for its programs. growth. Elsewhere, the previously high-growth areas served In the last two years, the numbers of deaths and migraby Cuivre River Electric north of St. Louis continued to tions from rural areas has outpaced the number of births grow at a modest pace of less than 2 percent in the twoand migrations into rural America. The study showed that year time period. 135,000 rural births from 2010-2012 were offset by the One bellwether of rural population growth — the cir179,000 people who moved away from rural areas. culation of Rural Missouri magazine — reflects this slow While the decrease in population is quite small, it but steady growth trend. From January 2010 to December marks a historic shift. In the past, natural rural population 2012, circulation increased by 3,497. Most of this growth increases outpaced those leaving the rural areas. This outcame from Cuivre River Electric, which increased by 1,149 migration typically follows tough economic times, such as members, and Boone Electric, which added 903 members. the farm crisis of the 1980s when outmigration was much higher than it was during the 2010-2012 period. — EC A key finding shows that spillover from metropolitan Laclede Electric Cooperative loses manager H Ken Miller 4 earts were heavy at Laclede Electric Cooperative when employees, directors and members heard the word that Manager Ken Miller had died suddenly June 4 of an apparent heart attack. Ken had been the cooperative’s manager since April 1, 1998, but had been a cooperative employee since 1984. He was hired as office manager after working for Empire Gas Corp. for 14 years. During his rural electric career, Ken distinguished himself as a hard worker and a friend to all in the electric cooperative family. He was past president of the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce, a member and past president of the Lebanon Rotary Club, a member of the Red Cross Advisory Committee for Laclede County, past chairman of the Red Cross Home Town Heroes and was a member of the Lebanon Ambassadors and a board member for Lebanon Regional Economic Development Inc. In addition, he served in various capacities both nationally and within the state to support the cause of the rural electric cooperative program. Ken was a trusted friend and mentor to many and he will be sorely missed at Laclede Electric and all of Missouri’s electric cooperatives. WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP Jim McCarty, editor Jason Jenkins, managing editor Heather Berry, associate editor Megan Schibi, editorial assistant Mary Davis, production manager Kile Brewer, intern Alyssa Goodman, intern Angie Jones-Wheeler Dusty Weter Co-op page designers USPS 473-000 ISSN 0164-8578 Copyright 2013, Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives. 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Rural Missouri - July 2013
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Rural Missouri - July 2013