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O U T O F T H E W A Y E A T S Pie Safe Bakery & Cafe Where old-time favorites evoke memories own pie filling. Other pie flavors include rhubarb, coconut custard, coconut cream or pecan. In the cookie jars at the Pie Safe, haron Penrod always you’ll find what Sharon likes to call dreaded the end of the “grandma cookies,” those old-fashfarmers market season. As ioned recipes that recall simpler times. a vendor at the markets in Local favorites include the quintessenCape Girardeau and Jackson, she’d tial grandma cookie — chocolate chip spend most of her spring, summer — along with coconut macaroons, and fall making the weekly trek to oatmeal raisin, molasses and snickersell her wares — homemade pies, doodle. The pecan pie squares, made cookies, jams and jellies — to a with local honey, pecans loyal clientele. and lots of butter, are a As any good salesmust-try. person would, she’d While the cookies learn her customers’ names and what they To watch a video featuring may make you feel like the Pie Safe Bakery & Cafe, you’re at Grandma’s, a liked to eat. But it click this button inside our word of caution: “You was more than that. photo by Kile Brewer digital edition, online at put your hand in the She also took time cookie jar, you buy to learn about their Those who loved the homemade pies and cookies Sharon Penrod sold at farmers the whole jar,” laughs families, their chilmarkets can now enjoy them year-round at the Pie Safe Bakery and Cafe. Sharon. “I want you to enjoy a cookie, dren and what was happening in and covered with Sharon’s homebut please let me get it out for you.” their lives. Over the course of the primary focus, you also can get a made preserves. Baked goods aren’t just for dessert, season, they became more than home-cooked meal. Sharon admits Quiche is available at both however; they’re also for breakfast. customers — they became friends. she never imagined serving as many breakfast and lunch, and Sharon Here, you’ll find cinnamon and sweet When winter approached and meals as she does. “I thought the offers several options. Lunch rolls, muffins and scones and, of Sharon packed up her market tent tables would just be some place where choices will remind many of course, coffee cake. Peach, cherry and for the last time, a void would somebody could sit and have a piece what they would have found on apple are likely flavors, but the local open. “It was kind of a letdown, of pie and a cup of coffee.” farmhouse tables a generation ago. preference is peanut butter. Sharon like ‘Now what do I do?’” she At breakfast, you’ll find all the Order a slice of quiche, a cup of describes it as “peanut butter fudge on says. “I knew I had customers who usual suspects — bacon, eggs, pansoup packed with veggies straight top of sweet dough.” wished they could have my baked cakes, biscuits and gravy. Enjoy a slice from the garden or perhaps an egg While the bakery is the Pie Safe’s goods year-round. I wanted to be of toast made from homemade bread salad, tuna salad or chicken salad able to continue to bake.” sandwich on homemade bread. So in 2012, Sharon abandoned Sharon also offers what she her nomadic ways, and she and Pie Safe Bakery & Cafe calls the “Sampler Platter,” which her husband, Monte, opened the gives you a taste of many different Pie Safe Bakery and Cafe in what Specialties: Homemade pies, cakes, items, including homemade sides was once the Bank of Pocahoncookies and pastries, including peanut such as potato salad, bread and tas. The cozy eatery, which seats butter coffee cake. Also quiche, soups, salbutter pickles or pickled beets. just 14, offers an array of madeads and sandwiches. Jam and jelly for sale. The Penrods recently extended from-scratch pies, cakes, cookies Pocahontas • the Pie Safe’s hours on Friday to 7 and pastries, along with a limited : Price: Breakfast items from $3 to $6; lunch p.m. to allow locals the opportumenu of soups, salads and sand4 from $4 to $7; desserts from $2.50 to $4. Whole pies and nity to stop off after work and pick wiches made from local products. cakes available from $14 to $25; quiches from $12 to $16. Cash, up a dish for their evening meal The bakery case is front and or breakfast the next day. Sharon center at the Pie Safe, as it should checks, Visa and Mastercard accepted. says that if you call ahead, which be. Sharon fills it with all sorts of she requests for groups of four goodies. Pies are her foremost speDetails: Open Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 6 a.m. to 2 or more, she’ll make something cialty, and her pie crust — which p.m.; and Friday, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Closed Sunday through Tuesspecial just for you. she learned to make years ago day. Seats 14; for groups of four or more, please call ahead. “I figured out from the very from a group of ladies at church — beginning, you’re not selling is flaky and tender, making it the Directions: Located at 146 Main St. in Pocahontas, about 2.5 baked goods. You’re selling a memperfect complement to any filling. miles east of Interstate 55 Exit 111. ory,” she says. “You’re trying to Depending on what’s in season, make something to evoke a memoyou might find peach, apple, Contact: 573-833-6743 ry. The Pie Safe is a place where cherry, wild blackberry or even people can make a memory.” gooseberry. Sharon also cans her S 18 by Jason Jenkins WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

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Rural Missouri - October 2013
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Rural Missouri - October 2013