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learnIng IS FUN wIth Apps! B uddy Bear got an iPad for Christmas, and he's loading it up with educational and fun apps. One of the best things about them is that you can get free versions to start with to see if you like them before paying for the upgrade. Here are a few of Buddy's new favorites: Stack The States (Lite) * ages 7 and up For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch This is a great educational app that's also lots of fun for the entire family. The quizzes and games help you learn about state shapes, capitals, state abbreviations, bordering states, flags and much more. The only drawback is that you only can "earn" five states in the free (lite) version, so if you get hooked on filling up the map, your parents will need to buy the full version for you for 99 cents. This Stack The States app helps youths age 7 and up learn geography in a fun way. 38 Spelling City * ages 7 and up For Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch If you struggle with spelling, this app will have you spelling like a champ in no time! This free app includes 10 word lists and eight different games. HangMouse, similar to the game Hangman, is fun to play, with its cat-and-mouse theme. Find a letter? Then the mouse won't eat the cheese at the top of the page. Other fun games include word scrambles, alphabetizing challenges and missing-letter quizzes. And don't think this game is only for young kids - there's something for every grade level, even SAT word lists for high-school kids to study. The Opposites * ages 7 and up For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Expand your vocabulary with this fun app. The game asks you to match opposite words as they float down the screen. Easier levels include words such as up and down and entrance and exit. Do well and you progress to the hardest levels, which include more rare or technical words. WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP T ry your hand at my monthly word watch. It's easy. I'll list three words for you to find. Read the stories in Rural Missouri and look for the words. When you find them, send me a note telling me the stories where you found the words, what each word means as it's used in the story and your age. If you get all the words right, your name goes into a drawing to win one of our Buddy Bear drawstring backpacks! We'll pick up to five winners each month. Send your answers to: Buddy Bear's Word Watch P. O. Box 1645 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Entries must be received by Feb. 12. Kids, please wait a month before re-entering - and parents, this is only for kids up to age 15. Entries must be written by the youth, please. Can you find this month's words? relegated, billet and replica Congratulations to last month's winners! Joanne Nolt, Chloe Wood, Newt Souder, Reuben Belinskiy and Terence Davidson Do you know a youth, age 15 or under, who's doing something cool as a hobby or business? Tell us about them! Send your email to hberry@ You might see them on a future Just4Kids page. http://WWW.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

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Rural Missouri - February 2014
Ministering to motorists
A mid-winter read
Fighting more than fires
Out of the Way Eats
Metal & music
Honest Abe
Hearth and Home
The Missouri Dinosaur
Around Missouri

Rural Missouri - February 2014