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CONTENTS Volume 69 | FEBRUARY 2016 | Number 2 8 24 18 8 Missouri under water IN EVERY ISSUE Residents, co-ops react to historic flooding throughout the state 10 Purveyors of pinball Columbia couple has resurrected this classic arcade game 12 Casting in the cold Winter trout program brings cold-water-loving fish close to home 18 Warriors in waders Duck hunting is big in the Bootheel 20 From a slave to a saint Former slave Augustus Tolton became the nation's first black priest 24 The sights & sounds of old 4 Cooperation 5 Perspectives 12 Outdoors 14 Eats 22 Recipes 30 Events 32 Neighbors 34 Just4Kids 35 Landscapes Kirksville craftsman constructs handmade calliopes and popcorn wagons ABOUT OUR COVER W photos by Jason Jenkins To order prints of the cover photo, call 866-962-1191 or visit hile there may be winter days when snuggling up on the couch with a good book or in front of the television may sound perfect, rarely does the mercury dip far enough that outdoor activities have to be curtailed completely. Beauty awaits in the cold stillness of a winter afternoon in Missouri. One of the more overlooked opportunities for wintertime enjoyment is the Katy Trail. Hikers and bikers who enjoy trekking along this rails-to-trails project - the nation's longest - in the spring, summer and fall will find a winter hike or bike trip to be equally memorable. Whether you begin on the trail's east terminus in Machens or in the west at Clinton, the stark landscape opens up; there's no foliage to obstruct vista views. Manmade features along the trail, such as truss bridges like the one seen at left, rise prominently. Where the trail skirts the Missouri River, open fields give way to impressive limestone bluffs from which giant icicles hang. And when temperatures upstream fall, ice begins to float down the nation's longest river. The chunks of ice, seen on this month's cover, beat and bang into each other until they're worn and round, like pebbles buffeted in a stream. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when enjoying wintertime outdoor activities. Dress in layers. Wear thin moisture-wicking material next to the skin, followed by an insulating layer of wool or fleece and then an outer water- and wind-proof layer. Be sure to stay hydrated, and protect your skin. Windburn from prolonged exposure can occur, as can sunburn, even though it's cold. Learn more about Katy Trail State Park online at FEBRUARY 2016 | RURALMISSOURI.COOP 3 http://www.RURALMISSOURI.COOP

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Rural Missouri - February 2016