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See you at the fair
by Barry Hart |


s I write this, the Missouri State Fair is just
a month away. That means it's been 335
days since I last had a pork burger from
the Pork Palace, a rib-eye sandwich at the
Beef House and a ham biscuit from Alewel's Country Meats, not to mention delicacies such as fried
Oreos and funnel cakes from vendors scattered
around the fairgrounds in Sedalia.
I hope you will join me Aug. 10-20 at the 2017
Missouri State Fair, one of the most anticipated
events of the summer for me. Unlike many of the
other state fairs in the nation, Missouri's fair still is
a showcase for agriculture. Mixed with all of the fun
things to see and do - pie baking contests, tractor pulls, antique trucks and fiddle championships
- the focus of the Missouri State Fair remains the
One of my favorite things to see at the fair is the
livestock shown by rural youth. Anyone who puts
that much effort into producing a potential grand
champion is destined for great things, I am sure.
I also love watching the many visitors from Missouri's urban areas who discover for the first time
where their food comes from. The delight on the
faces of kids and parents alike is apparent as they
watch a cow being milked and get the opportunity
to pet a mule. And you can't beat the grandstand
headliners. This year Alan Jackson, Sawyer Brown,
Little Big Town and one of my favorites, The Marshall Tucker Band, will appear there.
Since 1948 when the Association of Missouri
Electric Cooperatives hired its first manager, the
state's electric cooperatives have played a major
role at the state fair. It was farmers who established
these power cooperatives, so it made sense that
they were represented at Missouri's largest agricultural expo. Our role in those days was to explain the
benefits of rural electrification to those who hadn't
yet received service.
Today we are Grand Champion sponsors of the

state fair. You can find us in the Missouri's Electric
Cooperatives Building across the street from the
grandstand, the coolest building on the fairgrounds
thanks to its ground-source heat pumps. It's a great
place to relax and recharge your cell phone.
Each day of the fair, co-op energy experts from
around the state join staff from the association to
welcome you to the building. They are there to tell
you about the latest energy-efficient technology,
show off our renewable energy projects and explain
what makes a cooperative different from other forms
of business.
The Rural Missouri staff also takes turns at the
fair, hosting the popular "People from Our Pages"
so you can meet some of the people behind the stories. They will also have photos and videos for you
to enjoy, along with a Just for Kids area where you
can get your picture taken with Buddy Bear.
Part of the building is walled off into a meeting

room that is used by a large number of ag groups
and elected officials. We appreciate the opportunity
to host these groups that share our desire to make
the state a better place in which to live.
I always go away from the fair energized by the
knowledge that our food supply is in good hands,
and there are many people devoted to ensuring
rural Missouri prospers. While at the fair, I learn
about the many issues and challenges rural people
face. But I also discover there are solutions to these
problems and people working to turn them into
I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at
the fair this month. You can find more information
about this year's fair on page 12 of this issue or at
Hart is executive vice president of the Association
of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.


MSHP: Serving & protecting communities
by Col. Sandra K. Karsten |

support, technical expertise and important services
to both the public and our 1,245 members. We are
hat pictures do you see in your mind proud to serve and protect our state.
Since 1931, the Missouri State
when you hear the words,
Highway Patrol has been founded on
"Missouri State Highway
the concept that public safety can best
be accomplished through the efforts of
Do you see a trooper assisting at
people. Our troopers are well trained
the scene of a traffic crash? Perhaps
and dedicated to a career in public
her lights are flashing in your rearview
service. The Missouri State Highway
mirror because your license plate is
Patrol's employees, from the trooper
you see to the computer information
Maybe it's a trooper investigating
specialist you may not see, are focused
a crime, the driver examiner testing
on serving and protecting the citizens
your teenager or the commercial vehiof this great state. But, we can't do this
cle inspector at the scale house as you
work alone.
drive by.
Let me explain what I mean by
Maybe you think of the marine operthat: On Feb. 7, a trooper stopped a
ations troopers who responded to the
car on Interstate 70. This stop led to
major flooding in our state this spring.
Col. Sandra Karsten
the trooper arresting the driver. When
Our troopers performed 82 flood-related rescues/evacuations, assisting 223 people over a the trooper began to handcuff the man, a scuffle
ensued and the handcuffs fell to the ground out of
couple of weeks.
Every year, troopers distinguish themselves by the trooper's reach. By this time, the trooper and
saving lives, running toward danger, showing com- the driver were on the ground fighting, and the
passion to others and making a difference. Our trooper was unable to use his radio to call for assis1,119 civilian employees provide administrative tance. Two civilians driving by saw the struggle and


stopped. The woman used her phone and called 911
for assistance. She then laid on the driver's legs.
The male bystander brought the handcuffs to the
trooper and was then told how to use the radio to
call the troop. With the assistance of these two civilians, the driver was handcuffed.
Both the man and woman displayed tremendous
bravery and courage in assisting our troopers. They
went above what is expected of a citizen. We feel
fortunate they happened along and were willing to
assist. We depend on good people to help us serve
every day, to be good witnesses, to assist and to do
the right thing.
Years ago, the aldermen of a small Missouri town
were setting up an emergency response team. The
question was raised, "How many troopers live in the
city limits?" When the answer was seven, the rejoinder was, "There's our emergency response plan."
They continued with their planning, of course,
but the sentiment was accurate. The MSHP is part
of your community. We are your neighbors, and
whenever you need us, wherever you need us, we'll
be there
Karsten is the superintendent of the Missouri
State Highway Patrol.


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