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Electrifying, fast, quiet— and usually dirty IAV developed the e-Crossbike to prove the potential of electric drive in one of the most demanding vehicle environments—motocross racing. Here’s how the engineering team did it. The e-Crossbike is slightly slimmer than a conventional 250-cm3 MX racer, thanks to it not needing an exhaust system. by Lindsay Brooke I f you think engineering A- and B-class cars for battery-electric and hybrid propulsion is a packaging and systems-integration challenge, try the same exercise in a much smaller platform. Perhaps one with two wheels rather than four, where moisture and dirt are constantly threatening to wreck your high-voltage powertrain components each time the vehicle is used. SAE Vehicle Electrification Tiny electric cars such as the Fiat 500e and Chevrolet Spark EV certainly stuff a lot of hardware into a small space. But they have nothing on IAV’s e-Crossbike when it comes to clever, minimalist engineering. The prototype battery-electric racing motorcycle completed earlier this year is designed for the rigors of international motocross competition, where the winning machines are light, narrow, June 26, 2013 15

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Vehicle Electrification - June 26, 2013
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Electrifying, fast, quiet—and usually dirty
Next-gen eAssist aims at cost reduction
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Vehicle Electrification - June 26, 2013