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* Road Vehicle Aerodynamics Forum Committee
* Interior Climate Control Steering Committee
* Interior Climate Control Service Committee
* Interior Climate Control MAC Supplier Committee
* Interior Climate Control Vehicle OEM Committee
* Interior Climate Control Fluids Committee
* Glazing Materials Standards Committee
* Connected Vehicles Steering Committee
* DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication)
Tech Cmte
* Cooling Systems Standards Committee
* J1597 - TF Lab Test Vehicle and Industrial Heat Ex
* J1726-TF - Crg Air Cooler Internal Clean, Leak,
* J1339 - Test Method for Measuring Perfor Eng
Cooling Fans
* J1542 TF - Lab Test Veh Ind Heat Ex Therm Cyc
* J1598 TF - Lab Test Veh Ind Heat Ex for Dur Vib
Ind Loading
* Ergonomics Steering Committee
* Human Accom and Design Devices Stds
* Controls and Displays Standards Committee
* Adaptive Devices Standards Committee
* Heated Seats Standards Committee
* Light Duty Vehicle Performance and Economy
Measure Committee
* Dynamical Modeling and Simulation Committee
* Odometer and Speedometer Standards
* Light Vehicle Exterior Sound Level Standards
* ISO TC43 Acoustics
* Tow Vehicle Trailer Rating Committee
* Volatile Organic Compounds
* Wiper Standards Committee
* VIN - WMI Technical Committee

Vehicle engineering systeMs

* Foundation Brake Steering Committee
* Brake Committee
* Brake Linings Standards Committee
* Brake Dynamometer Standards Committee
* Road Test Procedures Standards Committee
* Brake NVH Standards Committee
* Hydraulic Brake and Actuation Steering Committee
* Brake Fluids Standards Committee
* Automotive Brake and Steering Hose Standards
* Hydraulic Brake Components Standards
* Vehicle Performance Steering Committee
* Chassis Controls Technical Committee
* Highway Tire Committee
* Vehicle Dynamics Standards Committee
* Wheel Standards Committee
» Aftermarket Wheel Test Certification
Conformance Task Force
» Wheel Finishing Lab Testing Task Force
» Biaxial Wheel-Hub Fatigue Lab Test Task

chAssis systeMs

* J2886 DRBFM Task Force

AutoMotiVe QuAlity And
Process iMProVeMent

* Service Committee
* Towability Committee
* Collision Repair Committee
* J1828 Working Group
* J1555 Review Working Group
* J1573 Working Group
* Graphics Based Service Information Task Force

serVice deVeloPMent
steering coMMittee

Motor Vehicle council

400 Commonwealth Dr.
Warrendale, PA 15096

* Occupant Protection and Biomechanics Steering
* Seat Belt Systems Standards Committee
» Pretensioner Characterization TF
* Children's Restraint Systems Committee
* Inflatable Restraints Standards Committee
» Impulse Noise TF
» Rear Seat Inf Restraints Interaction w
Children _ Sm Adults
* Impact and Rollover Test Proced Stds Committee
» EV Crash Testing Safety Procedures TF
* Safety Test Instrumentation Stds Committee
* Human Biomechanics and Simulations Standards
» Child Side Impact Dummy TF
» Pedestrian Dummy TF
» Dummy Testing and Equipment Standards
* Lumbar Flexion HIII 50th Task Force
* Calibration and Linearization methods for
» Hybrid III Dummy Family TF
» Dummy Abdomen-Pelvis Round Robin
(DAPRR) Task Force
* Driver Assistance Systems Steering Committee
* On-Road Automated Vehicle Standards
» ORAV Safety Testing TF
» ORAV Definitions TF
» ORAV Planning TF
» ORAV Verification and Validation TF
» ORAV Reference Architecture and Interfaces
* Active Safety Systems Standards Committee
» AS3 Definitions & Terms TF
» Active Safety Systems Sensors Task Force
» AS3 CIB_AEB Task Force
* Crash Data Collection and Analysis Steering
* Data Collection & Archiving Standards Committee
* Data Analysis Standards Committee
* Cross-cutting Issues Standards Committee
* Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation Task Force

Vehicle sAfety systeMs

* Safety and Human Factors Standards Steering
* Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians
» VSP TASK FORCE 3 J2889-1
* J2831 In-Vehicle Text Messaging Task Force
* Visual Behavior and Metrics Committee
* J2396 Definitions measures related to DV
behavior TF
* J2802 Blind Spot Monitoring
* J2830 Process for testing of in-vehicle icons
task force
* J2395 ITS In-Vehicle Message Priority Task Force
* J2808 Lane Departure Warning Systems Task
* Lane-Keeping Assistance Systems Subcommittee
* Driver Vehicle Interface Committee
» J2988 DVI Task Force 3 - VOICE USER
» J2972 DVI Task Force 2 - Hand-free
» DVI Task Force 1 - Research Foundations
and Outreach
» DVI TF4 Evaluation Approaches,
Prioritization and Mitigation
» DVI Task Force 5 - Automated Vehicles
and HMI
* Driving Performance Operational Definitions
(DRIPOD) J2944
* Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision
* Driver Vision Standards Committee

Vehicle sAfety systeMs

f +


* Vehicle EE System Diagnostics Steering Committee
* Vehicle E E System Diagnostic Standards
» J2534 Pass-Thru Programming Task Force
» J1962 OBD II Diagnostic Connector TF
» J1979 Review Task Force
» J1699-2 OBD II Related SAE Specification
Verification Test
» J1978 OBD II Scan Tool Task Force
» J3005 Guidance for Remote OBD Task Force
» J1930 Electrical Electronic Systems
Diagnostics Task Force
» J2012 Diagnostic Trouble Code Task Force
* Electrical Distribution Steering Committee
* Connector Systems Standards Committee
* Cable Standards Committee
* Harness Covering Standards Committee
* Circuit Protection and Switch Device Committee
* Functional Safety Committee
» Brakes, Trailer Brake, and Part Brake TF
» Steering and Suspension Task Force
» Propulsion and Driveline Task Force
* Event Data Recorder Committee
* Electronic Design Automation Steering Committee
* Electronic Design Automation Standards
* Vehicle Architecture For Data Communications
» SENT Task Force
» Communication Transceivers Qualification
Requirements TF
* Vehicle Electric Power Supply Systems Standards
* Embedded Software Standards Committee
* Automotive Electronic Systems Reliability
* Vehicular Flat Panel Display Standards Committee
* Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Standards
» Electromagnetic Immunity (EMI) Task Force
» Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Task Force
* Vehicle Electrical System Security Committee
* Automotive Security Guidelines and Risk
Development TF
* Vehicle Electrical Hardware Security Task Force









Lighting Systems Steering Committee
Lighting Committee Editorial Advisory Group
Heavy Duty Lighting Standards Committee
Lighting Standard Practices Committee
* J2938 LED Light Source Tests and Requirements
Task Force
Lighting Materials Standards Committee
* LED Lighting Materials Task Force
Lighting Discussion Forum
* Regulatory Cooperation Task Force
Road Illumination Devices Standards Committee
* J1383 Headlamp Task Force
* Replaceable Bulb Task Force
* J2650 LED Road Illumination Devices Task Force
* Pedestrian Visibility Task Force
* Performance Based Lighting System Task Force
Signaling and Marking Devices Stds Committee
* J1889 LED Signal Lighting Task Force
* J2087 Daytime Running Lamp Task Force
* J222 Parking Lamps (Front Position Lamps)
* Rear Light Modernization and Rationalization
Task Force
Test Methods and Equipment Stds Committee
* J575 Thermal Test (Underhood) Task Force
* EPLLA CAD AND Post Production Testing working
* J1330 Photometry Guidelines Task Force
* Highly Accelerated Failure Test Task Force (HAFT)
* J2382 Camera based photometry
Emergency Warning Lights and Devices Standards
* EMC Guidelines for Emergency Warning Devices
Task Force
International Lighting Standards Advisory Group
International Cooperation Standards Committee

lighting systeMs

* Green Racing Committee
* Sustainable Manufacturing Task Force

green technology steering

Battery Safety Standards Committee
Battery Standards Recycling Committee
Small Task Oriented Vehicle Battery Committee
Battery Test Equipment Committee
Battery Terminology Committee
Battery Materials Testing Committee
Secondary Battery Use Committee
Start-Stop Battery Committee
Capacitive Energy Storage Committee
Battery Field Discharge and Disconnect Committee
Battery Systems Connectors Committee
Battery Standards Testing Committee
Battery Thermal Management Committee
Battery Standards Labeling Committee
Battery Transportation Committee
Battery Size Standardization Committee
Battery Standards Starter Battery Committee
Battery Standards Truck and Bus Battery Committee
Battery Standards Electronic Fuel Gauge Committee
Battery Standards Advanced Battery Concepts

Ignition Standards Committee
Emissions Standards Committee
Engine Power Test Code Committee
Filter Test Methods Standards Committee
Gasoline Fuel Injection Standards Committee
Air Cleaner Test Code Standards Committee
Piston and Ring Standards Committee
Fuel Systems Standards Committee
Drivetrain Standards Committee
Belt Drive (Automotive) Systems Committee
Automatic Transmission Transaxle Committee
Automatic Transmission Friction Standards

Vehicle BAttery stAndArds
steering coMMittee


sAe ic PowertrAin steering

* Fuel Cell Standards Committee
* Fuel Cell Interface Task Force
* Fuel Cell Safety Task Force
» Fuel Cell Responder Task Force
* Hybrid - EV Committee
* Hybrid Wireless Charging J2954 Task Force
* Hybrid Terminology J1715 Task Force
* Hybrid and EV First and Second Responder Task
* Hybrid Connector J1772 Task Force
* Hybrid Electric Motor Rating Task Force
* Hybrid Communication and Interoperability
Task Force
* Hybrid Safety J2344 Task Force
* Hybrid Power Quality J2894 Task Force

hyBrid-eV steering coMMittee

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MAC Refrigerant Blends (MRB CRP)
Alternative Refrigerants
CRP1234yf Alt Refrigerant Assessment
CRP150 Low GWP Alt Refrigerants Assessment
High Temperature Battery Study
Gage R&R of HPM
H2 Fuel Cell Station Breakaways, Hoses, Fittings and
High Strain Rate Plastics
ITS Projects
Federal Highway (FHWY) Dedicated Short Range
Communications (DSRC)
Otologic Trauma
Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems (RESS) Safety
EVSE/EV Interoperability
Truck Cab Anthropometric Study
Emergency Vehicle Lighting
Vehicle Sound Level for Pedestrians
Plastics Suitable for use with H2

cooPerAtiVe reseArch Projects

* Fuels and Lubricants TC 1 Engine
* Fuels and Lubricants EOVC Task Force
* Fuel and Lubricants TC2 Industrial Lubricants
* Fuels and Lubricants TC 3 Driveline and Chassis
* Axle Efficiency Task Force
* Fuel and Lubricants Tech Task Force
* Fuel and Lubricants TC3 Task Force for J306
* Fuels and Lubricants TC 7 Fuels Committee
* Fuel and Lube TC7 Biodiesel Fuel and Blends Task
* Fuels and Lubricants TC7 Biodiesel Railroad

fuels And luBricAnts council

* Truck and Bus Natural Gas Task Force
* Truck and Bus Brake and Stability Control Steering
* Truck and Bus Stability Control Systems Committee
* Truck and Bus Active Safety Systems Committee
* Truck and Bus Foundation Brake Committee
* Truck and Bus Brake Actuator Committee
* Truck and Bus Brake Systems Committee
* Truck and Bus Brake Supply and Control
Components Committee
* Truck and Bus Hydraulic Brake Committee
* Air Brake Tubing and Tube Ftg Committee
* Truck and Bus Wheel Committee
* Truck and Bus Advanced and Hybrid Powertrain
Steering Committee
* Truck and Bus Hybrid Safety Committee
* Truck and Bus Hydraulic Hybrid Committee
* Truck and Bus Alternative Fuels Committee
* Truck and Bus Body and Occupant Environment
Steering Committee
* Ready-Mix Concrete Truck Safety Committee
* Truck and Bus Human Factors Committee
* Truck Crashworthiness Committee
* Truck and Bus Windshield Wipers and Climate
Control Committee
* Truck and Bus Total Vehicle Steering Committee
* Truck and Bus Corrosion Committee
* Truck and Bus Tire Pressure Management Systems
* Truck and Bus Tire Committee
* Truck and Bus Aerodynamics and Fuel Economy
* Truck and Bus Electrical * Electronic Steering
* Truck and Bus Event Data Recorder Committee
* Truck and Bus Electrical Systems Committee
* Truck and Bus Low Speed Communication Network
* Truck Bus Control and Communications Network

truck And Bus council

* Certified Power (Horsepower and Torque
* J2746 Software Assessment Repository
* On Board Diagnostics Databases
* MAC Equipment Conformance
* EA (H-Point Machines)
* Wheel Conformance

stAndArds deriVAtiVe ProgrAMs

* Automotive Corrosion and Prevention Committee
* Cosmetic Corrosion of Automotive Aluminum TF
* Perforation Corrosion Task Force
* Acoustical Materials Committee
* Committee on Automotive Rubber Specs
* Surface Enhancement Committee
* Fatigue Design and Eval Executive Advisory Group
* Material Properties Committee
* Structural Analysis Committee
* Fatigue Lifetime Predictions Committee
* Road Load Data Acquisition Committee
* Component Testing and Simulation Committee
* Fasteners Committee
* Ground Vehicle Reliability Committee
* Terrain Modeling Task Force
* Software System Reliability Subcommittee
* Unmanned Ground Vehicle Reliability Task Force
* CBM (Condition Based Management) Subcommittee
* Non-Hydraulic Hose Committee
* Lightweight Vehicle Design Materials and Asy
Technology Committee
* Metals Technical Executive Steering Committee
* Carbon and Alloy Steels Committee
* Metals Test Procedures Committee
* Sheet and Strip Steel Committee
* Elev Temp Prop of Ferrous Metals Committee
* Automotive Iron and Steel Castings Committee
* Plastics Committee
* Hose Clamp Performance and Compatibility
* Vibration Control Committee
* Textile and Flexible Plastics Committee
* Automotive Adhesives and Sealants Committee
* Fluid Conductors and Connectors Tech Steering
* Hydraulic Tube Fittings Committee
* Hydraulic Hose and Hose Fittings Committee
* Metallic Tubing Committee
* Spline Committee -B92
* Spring Steering Committee
* Coil Spring Committee
* Leaf Spring Committee
* Pneumatic Spring Committee
* Torsion Bar Spring and Stabilizer Bars Committee

MAteriAls, Processes And
PArts council

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Committee Meeting Schedule, click here.

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4/13/15 Version 4

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ground Vehicle stAff

* Motorcycle Technical Steering Committee
* Motorcycle Sound Level Committee
* Marine Technical Steering Committee
* Marine Engine Fuel Systems Committee
* Personal Watercraft Committee
* Snowmobile Technical Committee
* Small Engine and Powered Equipment Committee
* Special Purpose Vehicle Committee
* Light Utility Vehicle Task Force (J2258)
* Low Speed Vehicle Task Force (J2358)
* Ship Fluid Systems Committee
* Ship Systems - Fasteners Committee
* Trailer Committee
* Trailer - Gooseneck and 5th Wheel Task Force
* Trailer Dynamics Task Force
* Conventional Towing System up to 20,000 lbs
Task Force
* Trailer Terminology Task Force
* Trailer Braking Standard Task Force

sPeciAlized Vehicle And
eQuiPMent council

* Agricultural Tractor Standards Committee (ATSC)
* ATSC Test Standards Subcommittee
* ATSC Tire Subcommittee
* ATSC ROPS Subcommittee
* Con-Ag Council Chairs Vice Chairs Subcommittee
* Common Tests Technical Steering Committee
* CTTC C1, Hydraulic Systems
* CTTC C2, Electrical Components and Systems
* Human Factors Technical Advisory Group
* HFTC1, Controls, Visibility, Anthropometrics,
* HFTC2, Machine Displays and Symbols
* HFTC4, Operator Seating and Ride
* HFTC6, Operator Accommodation
* Machine Technical Steering Committee
* MTC1, Loaders, Crawlers, Scrapers and Mounted
* MTC2, Sweeper, Cleaner, and Machinery
* MTC4, Forestry and Logging Equipment
* MTC C5, Excavators
* MTC7 Roadbuilding Machinery Technical
* MTC8, Tire and Rim
* MTC9, Trenching and Horizontal Earthboring
* Operator Protection Technical Advisory Group
* OPTC1, Personnel Protection (General)
* OPTC2, Braking
* OPTC3, Lighting and Sound Committee
* OPTC4, Protective Structures
* Cranes and Lifting Devices Committee

construction AgriculturAl And
off roAd MAchinery council

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Technical Committee Meeting Schedule, click here.

gloBAl ground Vehicle stAndArds

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Ground Vehicle Standards Newsletter - March 2016 v2

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