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added that "when asking people and corporations to donate, it's really
important to let them know all of your board is fully in support and fully
contributing," he explained to MOMENTUM. Establishing the Dan and
Vicky Hancock Scholarship for Mechanical Engineering Excellence was
his way of expressing his commitment to the SAE Foundation.
As the title of the Hancock scholarship indicates, it is restricted to
students majoring in mechanical engineering. Preference is given to
students at Kettering University, where Hancock earned his bachelor's
degree in ME back when it was called General Motors Institute.
Kettering had, and still has, a co-op program with General Motors that
functions, "in some sense," as a scholarship-specifically, the work
component of the co-op provided students enough earned money
to pay their tuition. At least it did in Hancock's day. "Today, that's no
longer the case," he said. "The rate increase in tuition is far greater than
rate of wage increase, and so Kettering students today need help."
Tuition is up all over, not just at Kettering, Hancock noted, making
SAE scholarships more important than ever. "Tuition is quite expensive
these days, and the scholarship helps. Mine doesn't give a full boat, but
it helps a little bit."
Almost $30,000 has been awarded to students via the Hancock
scholarship to date.
Although some scholarships are open to undergrad students in any
year of study, some are restricted to certain years. The Edward. D.
Hendrickson/SAE Engineering Scholarship, for example, is open only
to incoming juniors and seniors.
"The Boler Company is proud of its efforts in funding the Edward
D. Hendrickson/SAE Engineering Scholarship and working with the
SAE Foundation to support the presentation of the scholarship to past
and future student recipients pursuing engineering or related science
degrees," said Brock Vander Veen, Manager of Technical and Legal
Affairs at The Boler Company, which owns Hendrickson International.
The scholarship is named after the son of the company, which was
founded in 1913.
An SAE Scholarship Selection Committee of, typically, six volunteers
from academia and industry assist SAE staff in selecting a recipient for
each scholarship.
As students complete their application, the SAE staff is available to
support the students, parents, and guidance counselors as questions
might arise. An online platform simplifies the application process,
allowing students to complete one universal application, as opposed to
completing an application for each of the individual scholarships. Upon
submitting their application, students are immediately informed of the
scholarships they are eligible for. This user-friendly online system aids
the SAE Scholarship Committee by generating a list of students to be
evaluated for each scholarship.
Rose Hulman Institute of Technology professor Eric Constans
chairs the committee. He'd served as faculty advisor for the Rowan
University Baja SAE team from 2003 to 2018. Baja SAE is one of the
SAE International student competitions funded in part by the SAE
"Since the application process has gone entirely online, the
number of applicants has increased dramatically," Constans told
MOMENTUM. "In a given scholarship category, we may have several
hundred applications. Working with Nicol Lachimia of SAE staff, I have
developed a scoring rubric that takes into account GPA, SAT/ACT
scores, school activities, and extracurricular activities. I'm especially
looking for involvement in automotive activities, particularly for
incoming freshmen. A student with a good GPA who has rebuilt a


Gustavo Eidji Camarinha Fujiwara said he is "humbled and
honored to be the 2018-2019 recipient of the SAE Doctoral
Engineering Scholarship."
vehicle from the ground up will score higher than a
student with a perfect GPA and no experience."
The review process can take about 15-30 minutes
per applicant, Constans noted. "With the growing
number of applicants, you can see that it's quite a time

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Momentum - March 2019

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Momentum - March 2019
Making the connection
Engineering design process crucial for success
A new perspective on airplane design
Focus on testing fuels win
Midnight Mayhem: Racing in the dark
2020 Supra: Toyota’s Japanese spin on German engineering
Over-the-air affair
SAE 101: March 15 is deadline for SAE scholarships
DOSSIER: Nicolas Parent of Lion Electric Co.
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Take it from the experts
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