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Ferris State University professor Patrick English wasn't envisioning a
career as a professor in automotive engineering technologies when
as a curious teenager in Williamsport, Penn., he asked a man about
an old Jaguar behind his farmhouse. All he envisioned was restoring a
classic car, for fun. He just had to ask about the Jag. Not long after that
encounter, the 15-year-old English found himself working for the man in
his classic car restoration shop.
Now he's a Ph.D. at university. Life might have turned out much
different had he been too shy to let his intention be known.
English has no regrets. And he doesn't want students in his
Automotive Engineering Technology program-or any other student
anywhere, for that matter-to live with regrets. Key to living a regretfree professional life is to advertise your interests to others.
"Be proactive and seek out what you're interested in, wherever it's
at, and make contact with people that are doing what you're interested
in," he told MOMENTUM. "Sometimes it leads to opportunities that
otherwise wouldn't exist, or it leads to opportunities for learning. For
me, it opened a door I didn't know existed."
Be specific in expressing your interests and goals.
"If you put out there what your goal is-and certainly you should have
a specific goal-people will help you achieve it if you are serious about
it," he said. For many people, it's a natural impulse to help others realize
their goals and dreams. "People will say, 'You know, I was talking to this
guy and he's working in the field you are interested in. Is it ok if I give
him your email address?' So be unashamed in talking about where you
want to get in life; other people will help you get there."

English noted that the
SAE Collegiate Design
Series, with its many
student competitions in
various sectors of mobility,
is populated by professional
engineers who volunteer
their time not primarily
to make the competitions
successful, although
that's part of it. More
important for the volunteer- Dr. Patrick English is in his 14th
year teaching at Ferris State
professionals is helping the
student engineers realize
their full career potential.
"These professional engineers have an altruistic impulse
that students would be wise to take advantage of," he
Another career tip is to use snail-mail. English said
it's all too easy for email communications to get deleted
or forgotten. A letter mailed in a physical envelope will
boldly stand out.
A few other bits of advice from English include getting
enough sleep and cutting back on social media and
other distractions. And be sure to exercise: "I do my best
thinking when I'm running," he said.

You're used to the classroom and the lecture hall, listening to your
professors and taking notes. But there is no substitute for discussion
and collaboration with current industry experts and professionals.
SAE International offers a host of such experts for you to invite to
your collegiate chapter, at no cost to you. The visit can take any shape
that will fit your chapter's needs and interests, whether it's a lecture
hall presentation or a tour of your lab and SAE Collegiate Design Series
vehicle. SAE Membership and the Industrial Lecture Series are here to
help prepare you for the current and future mobility industry.
Funding for the free lectures is via the SAE Ralph R. Teetor Educational
Award program.
"This is incredibly valuable for our team members," Scott Fjordbotten,
captain of the Formula UBC Team in Vancouver, BC, said of the Industrial
Lecture Series. "The program allows us to learn from experts in the field,
both educating our members and inspiring them to learn more about the
opportunities in the industry."
The method of learning through the Industrial Lecture Series makes
information relatable and immediately applicable, thus easier to absorb.
One such expert, Steve Fox, brings nearly 40 years of experience in
the motorsports field, and has been volunteering with SAE for almost
20 years, first as a Formula SAE (FSAE) design judge, then chief
design judge, and then Industrial Lecture Series presenter. His lectures
primarily target students participating in the SAE Collegiate Design

20 March 2019

Series. To him, FSAE is the
most intense engineering
educational program.
"There truly is no substitute
for a college engineering
student rolling up his (her)
sleeves and machining,
assembling, testing, driving,
and/or breaking something
they personally brought to
life from their CAD screen,"
SAE Industrial Lecture Series
said Fox. "SAE's Industrial
presenter Steve Fox has nearly
Lecture Program is simply
40 years of experience in the
another tool that students
motorsports field.
can take advantage of to
further their understanding
of the subject, if they will just send the e-mail request."
Review the list of speakers at
membership/collegiate-chapters/industrial-lectureprogram?tab=3 and reach out to Corey Dillon, Member
Relations Specialist (, to get
connected with one of them.

By Corey Dillon, SAE Member Relations Specialist


Momentum - March 2019

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Engineering design process crucial for success
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Midnight Mayhem: Racing in the dark
2020 Supra: Toyota’s Japanese spin on German engineering
Over-the-air affair
SAE 101: March 15 is deadline for SAE scholarships
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