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Technical Inspection is a vital and important
aspect of any Baja SAE competition. Below,
created by the National Technical Inspectors,
is a reminder and reprint of some of the
falsehoods related to this activity.
The objective of the National Technical Inspection
team is to ensure that all cars that enter the event
comply with the guidelines and rules. We try to
ensure that all teams are treated fairly and that
we maintain a level playing field for everyone. Our
goal is to inspect all cars at least once that were
prepared for Technical Inspection at 9:00 a.m. on
Day 2. At the event, our team is responsible for all
Technical Inspection, scoring, cost event, managing
the Endurance Event start, and black-flagging. Prior
to the event, the team answers all Technical Inspection questions submitted to, reviews the
Frame Documentations, and supports the Baja SAE
Rules Committee with Technical input/suggestions to
clarify rules questions or concerns.
Our team is comprised of over 90% volunteers
from various countries and companies. These
volunteers use their own personal time and resources
to participate as Technical Inspectors. More than
98% of the Techs competed in the Baja events as
students. We require that all Techs attend at least
two events a year to improve consistency, and
currently we have 40 active Technical Inspectors.
Every Technical inspector is required to complete
online testing each year to understand the rule
changes and participates in a mentoring program for
the first 2-3 years. We try to bring on 3-5 new Techs
each year to ensure we have a diverse team.
Let's dispel some myths:
You cannot pass Tech Inspection on the first try;
Techs will find something to ensure you do not pass.
False. Teams that are prepared, ask questions during
the year on items that they are not clear on, review
their car before arriving at Tech using the provided
checklist, have all their drivers present, and have all
the required paperwork filled our correctly will be
the teams that pass. It is much faster for Techs when
a team is prepared than when we find items that
are not in compliance. It takes about 30 minutes to
pass a well-prepared team, and for a team that is
not prepared it can take more than an hour. A team's
experience or level of financial support does not
affect passing on the first try. First-year teams that are
prepared have passed inspection on the first try.

12 April 2019

Tech Inspection doesn't have a recheck line, and if they did then it
would be faster.
False. If we dedicated resources and created a separate line it might
be faster for the few teams that are rechecked, but it would slow down
the overall process and reduce the number of first-time teams that get
through on Day 1. Teams would still stand in line waiting for a recheck
and resources would be spread thinner. Currently the first 70-80 teams
that are ready for Tech Inspection on Day 1 in the morning will be
seen prior to 3 p.m. After 3 p.m., the line is 90% rechecks, and we do
separate the rechecks and first-time cars to best utilize resources. This
allows us to keep a single numbering system in place for both days;
the second day for all the rechecks and any of the first-time-through
teams that waited to the end of the day to get a number.
Techs will allow some teams to cut the line and come in the back of
the tent to go through Tech Inspection.
True. In some situations, a Technical Inspector might miss an item on
a car, and it is found in Final Tech - we consider that our fault. When
we make a mistake, we still require the team to address the issue, but
we do not make them get back in line for Tech Inspection. They may
return to Final Tech directly when the fix has been implemented.
Techs make up rules to fail teams.
False. Sometimes rules require interpretation, and once we make an
interpretation for one car, we apply it equally to all teams. Design
and innovation in Baja SAE is constantly evolving, and we do our best
to evaluate every vehicle against the rules and requirements of the
Techs find things at one event that were not found at a previous event.
True. As stated above, we have all levels of volunteers and we are not
100% perfect at inspecting every car, but if we find something later,
we cannot say it passes because it was missed at the last event. Our
only motivation is to ensure the safety of the event, the students,
volunteers, spectators, and to treat all teams fairly and equally.
All Techs work for Honda.
False. Honda sponsors Technical Inspection by helping with a portion
of the costs associated with staffing and running the event. At each
event, Honda sends 3-5 Honda employees to volunteer as Techs, but
the other 20-25 Techs have no affiliation with Honda.



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Baja SAE technical inspection
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The F-22 Raptor gets its first metallic 3D-printed part
SAE 101: WCX 2019
Moon shot as metaphor for autonomous vehicle technology
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Momentum - April 2019 - The F-22 Raptor gets its first metallic 3D-printed part
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Momentum - April 2019 - Moon shot as metaphor for autonomous vehicle technology
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