Momentum - April 2019 - 2

Like all other business units within SAE
International, the seven-person Membership
unit is always searching for ways to better serve
SAE Members. It's why we're here.
In previous issues, I've spelled out the various
benefits that SAE offers its student members,
from discounts on products and services to two
major platforms on which student-engineers
can rise to excellence before their peers and
potential employers: the SAE Collegiate Design
Series (CDS) and SAE collegiate chapters.
MOMENTUM is another such member benefit, Patrick Ponticel,
and in 2019 it is celebrating its 10th anniversary.
From the beginning, the aim of the magazine
has been to, more than anything else, showcase
the engineering chops of student engineers-including but not limited
to those participating in the CDS. In this issue, for example, you will find
three student-authored articles that relate to CDS (pages 4, 8, and 10)
and one that relates to NASCAR (page 6). In any given year, we publish
about a dozen student-authored articles.
We will attempt to publish more of them than ever this year-but
we can't publish them if you don't submit them. If you are interested in
writing an article for MOMENTUM, email As has
been stated in this space before, MOMENTUM believes every CDS team
and every SAE collegiate chapter has an interesting and unique story
to tell.
We know these articles-housed in a section called Student Generation
(starting on page 4)-are the MOMENTUM pages of most interest to
readers. About the other parts, we are not so sure. We would love to
hear what you think of them. We invite-we need-constructive criticism
to build a better magazine.
Advice on how to handle constructive criticism is a topic that has
not yet been explored in the career section of MOMENTUM. Look for
something on that topic in a coming issue. It was in 2018 that we decided
to devote the last page of the magazine to career advice. This is a
section we plan to retain with the startup of the fall issues in September
(MOMENTUM goes on hiatus May through August).
We're less committed to retaining the other sections, such as Today's
Engineering consisting of articles written by our SAE editor-colleagues at
Automotive Engineering and the other industry-specific magazines. Do
those articles interest you?
How about the SAE News section? What do you like and dislike
about it?
What about Briefs? Are these short news items of value to you?
MOMENTUM truly is "your magazine." We invite you to tell us how we
can make it more useful to you.

* Become a MOMENTUM contributor by submitting an article. Add that
achievement to your resume. Send an email to
expressing your interest in contributing.
* Spread the word about this magazine to other engineering students
and faculty, and encourage them to join SAE today by visiting

2 April 2019

Patrick Ponticel
Editor, Member Magazines
Corey Dillon
Member Relations Specialist
Donna Edenhart
Director, Membership & Sections
Abby Hartman
Local Activities Specialist
Amanda Hildabrand
Membership Manager
Nicole Iorfido
Developer, Volunteer Engagement
Ashley Ward
Volunteer Engagement Associate

Ryan Pristow
Creative Manager
Brian Fell
Senior Graphic Designer
Corey Bellis
Graphic Designer
William L. Schall
Senior Production Artist
Lucy Matyjaszczyk
Freelance Production Artist

Paul Mascarenas, OBE
Mircea Gradu, PhD
2018 President
Todd Zarfos
2020 President-Elect
Pascal Joly
Vice President - Aerospace
Ken Washington, PhD
Vice President - Automotive
Landon Sproull
Vice President - Commercial Vehicle
Pierre Alegre
David L. Schutt, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Gregory L. Bradley, Esq
Donald Nilson
Jeff Varick
Rhonda Walthall

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Momentum - April 2019

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Momentum - April 2019

Momentum - April 2019
Reliability overhaul: a lesson in resilience
Turbulence on the track
Full circle
Lap simulation tool shows the way
Baja SAE technical inspection
VW’s MEB platform: a modularity enabler
The F-22 Raptor gets its first metallic 3D-printed part
SAE 101: WCX 2019
Moon shot as metaphor for autonomous vehicle technology
DOSSIER: Greg Sawvelle
Momentum - April 2019 - Momentum - April 2019
Momentum - April 2019 - Cover2
Momentum - April 2019 - Contents
Momentum - April 2019 - A better MOMENTUM
Momentum - April 2019 - Briefs
Momentum - April 2019 - Reliability overhaul: a lesson in resilience
Momentum - April 2019 - 5
Momentum - April 2019 - Turbulence on the track
Momentum - April 2019 - 7
Momentum - April 2019 - Full circle
Momentum - April 2019 - 9
Momentum - April 2019 - Lap simulation tool shows the way
Momentum - April 2019 - 11
Momentum - April 2019 - Baja SAE technical inspection
Momentum - April 2019 - VW’s MEB platform: a modularity enabler
Momentum - April 2019 - The F-22 Raptor gets its first metallic 3D-printed part
Momentum - April 2019 - SAE 101: WCX 2019
Momentum - April 2019 - Moon shot as metaphor for autonomous vehicle technology
Momentum - April 2019 - 17
Momentum - April 2019 - DOSSIER: Greg Sawvelle
Momentum - April 2019 - 19
Momentum - April 2019 - 20
Momentum - April 2019 - Cover3
Momentum - April 2019 - Cover4