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There are plenty of jobs for student engineers on site at SAE Collegiate
Design Series competitions. Setting up work areas and fixing vehicle
problems as they arise are among the many things team members must
do with accuracy and timeliness if they are to beat their competitor
But there's an entirely different class of "jobs" for students at these
competitions. We're talking here about actual jobs-engineering
positions-in industry. At the March 8-10 SAE Aero Design East 2019
competition in Fort Worth, Texas, for example, dozens of competition
volunteers employed by Lockheed Martin were on hand not only to
make the competition run smoothly and fairly, but also to scout new
hires from among the student participants.
One of those Lockheed Martin volunteers, Ryan Reynolds, said that as
of the moment (March 8), the company had more than 200 entry-level
engineering positions open at the famed Skunk Works in California,
where he is Engineering Manager. "If you want to be part of that
community, come and talk to me," he said. "We're hiring."
Lockheed Martin, which supplies more than 90% of the sponsorship
money for the SAE Aero Design competition, has over 3,000 entry-level
"engineer associate" positions open across the country, Reynolds said in
a short presentation to students. "Lockheed Martin is everywhere. You
can find jobs all over the country." The company also has more than 300
intern engineering positions still available, he added.

"The demand for engineers has never been
greater, and the supply is limited."
Frank St. John
For this article, Reynolds left it to other volunteers at the SAE Aero
Design competition to offer career advice for students.
SAE Aero Design Scoring Head Judge Lonnie Dong was interviewed by
Lockheed Martin on site an an SAE Aero Design competition 18 years ago.
Today, he works for the company as Raptor Airborne Software Manager.
His advice to students: "When you come in to a work environment, have
patience with the company. In today's world, the concept of having
instant gratification-that doesn't happen in real industry."
Like Dong and Reynolds, Lockheed Martin's Ian Marks is an SAE Aero
Design student alumni who now volunteers on site at the competitions.
"As with any membership, it's what you make of it," Marks, who holds
the title of aeronautical engineer at Lockheed Martin, told MOMENTUM
about SAE Membership. "For making industry connections, these
SAE student design competitions are almost essential to your career
development if you want to go into engineering." In addition to making
career connections, the SAE competitions give students a high-profile
platform to show off their engineering chops, he said. "You're able to
connect your lecture material to a project in which you are designing
something, building it, putting in blood sweat and tears to get
something that will actually go out the door. Employers notice."

20 April 2019

This engineering student (left) took the initiative at SAE Aero
Design East 2019 in Fort Worth, Texas, to hand Lockheed Martin's
Ryan Reynolds her resume and inquire about job opportunities with
the company.
Frank St. John, Executive Vice President of Lockheed
Martin's Missiles and Fire Control unit, emphasized the
importance of having a "teamwork" mindset. In a special
presentation on the first night of SAE Aero Design
East 2019, he advised students to "take away from this
competition some lessons learned, such as what made
me a better team member. Because in the industry,
nothing happens solo; it's all a team effort. You always
want to be what I call the 'because of people'; when we
have success, it was because of me, not in spite of me."
SAE Aero Design offers just the kind of environment
in which to sharpen those teamwork skills, said St.
John. It's also a place where students can sharpen their
communications skills, with Presentation being one of
the three events in which teams are judged. "When I look
over my career, some of the biggest disappointments I
had were when I had really good ideas but wasn't able to
present them clearly enough and persuasively enough to
get my leadership to support them," he said.
"Today is a fantastic time to be coming out of school,"
St. John continued. "The demand for engineers has
never been greater, and the supply is limited. You guys
are coming into a seller's market when it comes to
talent. So I encourage you-not just because I'm from
Lockheed Martin and we're looking to hire thousands
of engineers-to take advantage of this weekend and
network a little with the volunteers here and find a home
in the industry, because we have work for you and you
guys are going to be great."



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