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SAE International has a number of awards designed to promote
excellence among SAE Student Members. Visit
awards/student/ to see which awards you and your chapter or SAE
Collegiate Design Series team might be eligible for.

Photo credit: Drexel University

A custom-built motion capture platform, using a cycle form
factor, interfaces with a motion capture system in the Immersive
Research Lab.
Drexel University is seeking to uncover new
opportunities for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)
technology with the opening of its Immersive Research
Lab. Experts in the Westphal College of Media Arts &
Design will be working with students and researchers from around the university to push its application
into new spaces. The 550-ft², glass-enclosed lab will
feature HP-ZVR Back-pack Workstations; virtual and
augmented reality devices from Oculus Go, HTC VIVE,
and Microsoft HoloLens headsets; Leap Motion handtracking and iClone Facial motion capture systems;
as well as a full motion capture studio equipped with
OptiTrak and Vicon motion capture devices. A number
of new technologies have already been developed for
the lab, including 360-degree virtual reality cameras,
a custom virtual reality cycle platform, and an x-wing
fighter cockpit platform.

Michigan State University has received a $1.5 million
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Award from
the U.S. Department of Energy, Robert Bosch LLC,
and Endurica to better understand the corrosion
of polymeric adhesives-the "glue" used for lightweight materials in modern automobiles. Reliability
of polymer adhesives such as epoxy, polyurethane,
and UV acrylates in corrosive environments is
specifically important in the design of electronics,
electromechanical modules, and structural components.
The MSU team, in collaboration with experts from
Bosch Germany and Bosch U.S., will predict the service
life of degrading adhesives by creating computational
software to describe damage accumulation. A proposed
new hybrid modeling technique could help engineers
monitor the aging of specialized adhesives as they are
exposed to corrosion due to water, heat, and sunlight.

Honeywell Outstanding Collegiate Branch Award
This award recognizes SAE
Collegiate Branches for
exemplary performance
in the areas of technical
meetings; networking
opportunities, SAE
Collegiate Design Series
participation; membership
and recruitment; and
The University of Manitoba team's Regular Class
community service
plane comes in for a landing at SAE Aero Design
East 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas.
programs (including
participation in SAE's A
World In Motion program). Four winners were named for the 20172018 academic year: Milwaukee School of Engineering, University of
Manitoba, Kennesaw State University, Central Michigan University.
The nomination deadline is October. 1.
Rumbaugh Outstanding Student Leader Award
Through a generous contribution from Max E. Rumbaugh Jr., past
Executive Vice President of SAE (1986-2001), this award recognizes
an outstanding student leader of one or more SAE International
activities and encourages a vision within the student to become an
SAE leader during his/her adult career. Established in 2002, this award
is administered by the Rumbaugh Award Selection Committee and
consists of, among other things, a framed medal, a $750 honorarium,
a lifetime professional membership in SAE, and a trip to a major
SAE-owned event where the award is presented. (See page 18 for a
profile of the 2018 winner.) Nomination deadline is October 1.
Myers Award for Outstanding Student Paper
Established in 1997, this award entitles the applicant to present their
winning paper at a major SAE event. It includes an attractive memento
as well as a $4,000 honorarium to the lead student author. The award
recognizes the late Dr. Phil Myers and his wife Jean for their lifelong
devotion to students and SAE. Myers was a renowned expert on
internal combustion engines, and before his retirement, a professor at
the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The 2018 winner is Roberto Vitolo
for SAE technical paper 2018-01-1340: "Active Tire Pressure Control
(ATPC) for Passenger Cars: Design, Performance and Analysis of the
Potential Fuel Economy Improvement." The nomination deadline is
October 1.
Henry O. Fuchs Student Award
Established in 1991, this award recognizes a graduate or recently
graduated student (i.e., postdoctorate or new professor) working in the
field of fatigue research and applications. This award honors the memory
of Professor Henry O. Fuchs, who was an active participant in the SAE
Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee's research projects. The most
recent winner is J.W. Pegues, Project Engineer at the National Center for
Additive Manufacturing Excellence (NCAME) at Auburn University. The
award nomination deadlines for the two annual (spring and fall) awards
are August 1 and February 1.

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Momentum - April 2019

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Momentum - April 2019
Reliability overhaul: a lesson in resilience
Turbulence on the track
Full circle
Lap simulation tool shows the way
Baja SAE technical inspection
VW’s MEB platform: a modularity enabler
The F-22 Raptor gets its first metallic 3D-printed part
SAE 101: WCX 2019
Moon shot as metaphor for autonomous vehicle technology
DOSSIER: Greg Sawvelle
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Momentum - April 2019 - VW’s MEB platform: a modularity enabler
Momentum - April 2019 - The F-22 Raptor gets its first metallic 3D-printed part
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Momentum - April 2019 - Moon shot as metaphor for autonomous vehicle technology
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