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"Right off the bat when I got here, I was tossed in the
fire," this month's Dossier subject, Justin AndresMooi,
told MOMENTUM about the job he landed with Yanfeng
Automotive Interiors in May 2019. "I was given ownership
of an assembly line for making control bezels for one
of our lines of door panels. This line was not up to
production speed yet due to many tuning and process
issues, much like any new assembly line. I was charged
with resolving everything and getting the line running
in top shape. Myself being an automotive engineer, this
was a huge learning curve. However, I strive for learning
new things, and it was awesome. Working with robotics
and programing was very cool, and I still get to get my
hands dirty and actually work on the units on the plant
floor here at Southview in Holland, Michigan. The best
part is every new task I get is generally different from
the last, so it's been great broadening my spectrum of
That was quite a leap from life as a student at Ferris
State University in Big Rapids, Mich. AndresMooi
graduated from there in December of 2018 with
a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering
technologies and certificates in quality technology and
performance motorsports. At Yanfeng, he is an "XRP,"
the abbreviation standing for accelerated rotational
program in which new engineers work in several
different roles for 4-9 months each. "This is really cool
because it allows the XRP to experience a wide range
of aspects of the company. This also helps the company
because they can place you where they need help or
think you would thrive the most. My first role was as
advanced manufacturing engineer."
Here's what else Andresmooi shared with MOMENTUM:
Why did you decide to become an engineer?
For a while, engineering wasn't even on my radar, even
though two of my brothers are engineers. I had been
directing myself towards the medical field for the first
two years of school. It was after taking anatomy 1 and 2
at the same time as medical terminology that I realized
I wasn't doing something I really enjoyed. Prior and
during this time, I've always had an affinity for anything
automotive. Growing up in a car enthusiast family, I
realized that something along those lines was what I
wanted to do. Later that year, I enrolled at Ferris State
University in the automotive engineering program.
To what character traits do you attribute your success
to date?
I'm an extremely diligent, confident, and outgoing
person, which is a great combination when working as

22 October 2019

Justin AndresMooi (right) and his brother, Mike, with Justin's 1966 F100 at a car show
in their hometown of Hart, Mich.
an engineer. The most prominent trait, however, for myself, is probably
my ability to stay positive.
Of what accomplishment are you most proud?
One accomplishment I do take pride in was brought about by both
luck and experience. It was my first internship. In the fall of 2017,
General Motors had put on an information session for our auto
program at Ferris State. The session went great, and afterward I was
able to talk one on one with a very cool fellow by the name of David
Ritenburgh. We talked for a good 20 minutes about various topics,
and he was very interested in my body structures repair experience I
had from working in a body shop for almost 10 years. He questioned
why I hadn't signed up for an interview, and gave me his email to send
him a copy of my resume.
However, about 45 minutes later I get a call, and was him. Later
on, I found out he'd talked to my dean for the program right after
the session and got my phone number. I ended up getting offered an
internship at General Motors for that following summer as the first intern
to be offered a position as an ASDE for Body Structures (Advanced
Serviceability of Design Engineer) team. For me, this was a pretty cool
accomplishment-to be recognized for my skills like that in such a
unique way was awesome. To this day I'm still good friends with David
and chat every so often. This is a great example of why it's important to
be personable with everyone you meet. You never know who it may be
and what will come of it, so being professional and friendly all the time
is extremely valuable. For me, growing up in such a small town and then
getting this kind of opportunity was phenomenal.
What is the most interesting project that you are working on at the
Currently, one of the more interesting things I'm working on is a group
effort. The original assembly line I'm responsible for is actually on track
to being almost entirely automated. At the moment, the line is about



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