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IT'S SAID THAT if given enough money, an engineer could build just
about anything. To drive home the related reality-i.e., that engineers
seldom if ever enjoy unlimited funding for their projects-SAE
International in its Collegiate Design Series (CDS) makes cost control a
factor in determining which university team wins its competitions.
Perhaps no other CDS team did more with less than the Baja SAE
team from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). In the
2018-2019 season, it finished first in the Cost Event at one of the three
annual Baja SAE competitions and second in the other two. The firstplace Cost Event finish propelled it to a fifth-place finish Overall at Baja
SAE Tennessee.
"UMBC has a long history of doing well in the Cost Event," 20182019 team co-captain Robert Sherwood told MOMENTUM. "Part of our
success comes from being a small, low-budget team, which naturally
forces us to find the most efficient and effective way to manufacture
vehicle components. The largest key to our success is the time we put
into the Cost Report. Before production, Dominic Fonseca, Chris Haley,
and I sit down with the system leads and go through step-by-step plans
for each component, making sure it is done at a low cost with maximum
accuracy. Finally, before we submit the report, the three of us comb
through everything, making sure we do not forget about any part."
Despite a limited budget, the student-engineers on the UMBC Baja
team were able to do some excellent engineering, as described by
Sherwood: "From 2016 through the 2018 season, we ran an off-the-shelf
CVTech primary clutch, with an almost unchanged custom secondary
clutch. In 2018-2019, our goal was to improve our acceleration times to
help our starting position for the Endurance Event. To achieve this, we
decided to design a custom primary clutch and revamp our secondary
clutch in the hopes of improving our drivetrain efficiency. While we were
chasing increased efficiency, we still wanted a reliable CVT capable of
handling a full race weekend and extreme operating temperatures."
"The primary clutch was designed to be compatible with CVTech
weights and springs," Sherwood continued, "but featured lightweight
sheaves, and a bolt-on shaft. The design simplicity made it easy for us
to make multiple spare parts. The secondary clutch design featured a
new lightweight multi-angle helix and was 15% lighter than previous
years. We were able to have three complete primary and secondary
clutches, so that each race could have a brand new CVT for the car. All
the upgrades we made to the CVT allowed us to improve our 100-ft
acceleration time by three-tenths of a second."
Along with greater speed, the team focused on better vehicle
durability, said Sherwood. "We have worked hard over the last year to
ensure that the car can handle the full four-hour Endurance Event. Our
philosophy is that you can only spend so many hours designing before
you just have to get out there and break the car. Each year we unveil our
newest car in mid-February to give us ample time to test our designs.
During testing we aim to break the car. Without component failures,
we can never learn where the weaknesses are in our design and what
extremes we can push the car to during a race."
For co-captain John Bieberich, "Our 5th place finish in Tennessee was
the most satisfying moment of our season by far. We placed in the top
10 twice last year and worked all year to build a new car that could do
even better this year. We had a tough time getting the new car together


The UMBC car makes it way through a rock pile during the
Suspension Event at Baja SAE California 2019.

Posing with the 2019-2020 UMBC car are (left to right) team
captains Benjamin Wolf, Robert Sherwood, John Bieberich, and
Dominic Fonseca.
before Tennessee, and when we got there we were
hoping to finish near the bottom half of the top 10 teams.
When we heard we finished fifth place, we were ecstatic
and made sure to celebrate as soon as the team got back
together after the race."
Asked what the most important lesson learned was
from the season, co-captain Dominic Fonseca said: "The
most important lesson we've learned is the importance of
having an 'A' team even if you have a 'B' car. Our vehicle
may not be the most technologically advanced in the
competition, but our team is adept at working efficiently
under pressure, which allows us to stay very competitive
with top teams that have more resources. Nothing ever
goes quite as planned in a race, but our team is very good
at adapting to changing conditions."

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