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GFR 2019 season synopsis

The Formula SAE Presentation Event deals in hypotheticals. In as
realistic a fashion as possible, teams spend many weeks or even
months developing a detailed marketing plan for a hypothetical
company that makes hypothetical open-wheel Formula racecars for
a market of all ages. Then, when all the teams convene at the seasonconcluding FSAE competition, a select few students from each team
make a marketing pitch to potential investors (FSAE judges). Shown
is a slide the GFR team used in its winning presentation.
worked endlessly to develop a complete presentation
with full script and extensive financials. Our goal to finish
by the start of the 2019 calendar year was met. At that
moment in time, our only responsibility was to practice
and perfect.
Unfortunately, our eagerness to finish the presentation
well before needed was met with a disheartening
realization. Our concept wouldn't work. FSAE released
a new stipulation for business plan presentations that
limited the creativeness of concepts. We no longer
had the option to choose any concept. We needed to
present one within our business plan that met certain
criteria. During the following weeks, we exhausted the
possibility of integrating this new stipulation into our
current presentation. As hope that this would work began
to dwindle, we cast aside the current presentation. With
only a few weeks left to spare, we began again.
New concepts were thrown in the air and eventually
into the garbage. Not one could be decided on
unanimously. As our days were extremely numbered, we
chose a concept not widely enjoyed by most, but it had
to work. Our previous script, financials, and presentation
were completely wiped clean, and we spent the next
couple of weeks developing new content. Once the basic
outline of the presentation had been finalized, we began
calculating the financials. As these are the most timeconsuming, we knew that we had to work fast and with
no potential for mistakes. The fundamental calculations
were created before we began developing the script. At
this time, only a couple of weeks separated us from our
presentation time at FSAE Michigan.
Late nights turned into early mornings as we
simultaneously worked on the car and the business plan.
In between machining parts and tightening bolts, the
script, financials, and presentation were finalized. We
found very little time to spare in between classes and
testing of the new car to practice our new presentation.
While our classmates would sleep and enjoy dinner with


This year, GFR competed in FSAE Michigan, FS Austria, and FS Germany (the
latter two are not SAE-sanctioned competitions). The team placed first in the
Presentation Event at FSAE Michigan en route to a fifth-place finish overall there.
GFR took the momentum from FSAE Michigan into the European
competitions. In FS Austria, we placed in the top 10 for every static event and put
down the fastest time in the Autocross Event. We unfortunately obtained a DNF
in the Endurance Event and ended the competition in 12th place.
A few days later, at FS Germany, we performed very well in all events,
obtaining second in Skidpad and Endurance and third in Autocross. Overall, we
placed second out of 60 teams in Germany, ending the season with an
impressive performance.
By Brittyn McAllister

their friends, we would practice. While our families would gather and
enjoy holidays together, we would stay behind and practice. Half of the
work of the business plan is practicing. As previously mentioned, there
is no room for error, whether that be in the financials or the PowerPoint
slides. Most importantly, there can be no error in the way the business
plan is presented. Practicing for every second counts.
We continuously worked on the presentation until just a couple of
hours before it was our time to present to the judges. Nerves began to
play their cruel games as we walked into the room and stood before
three men that would decide our team's fate. As the presentation ended
and we walked out of the room, the weight of the hard work, time, and
effort put forth into our presentation lifted from our shoulders. It could
not have gone more perfectly.
Receiving the message that we had been chosen as one of the
three teams to give our winning presentation to students at the FSAE
Michigan Awards Ceremony was perhaps one of the happiest moments
of our FSAE careers. Receiving the first-place trophy for the Presentation
Event was the happiest moment of our FSAE careers. Most only dream
of holding that trophy, but for us, it became a reality.
To win, it takes perseverance, determination, and pure grit. Three
words that describe the mentality and character of the team that we
represent. So, here's to the team that gives its all to us so that we can
give our all to everything else. We are GFR!

Brittyn McAllister, a driver and business plan lead for the GFR team (a
partnership between Oregon State University and DHBW Ravensburg
of Germany), wrote this article for MOMENTUM. She will serve as
data-acquisition lead for the 2020 team while pursuing a mechanical
engineering degree with a minor in computer science.

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