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to your business goals. Achieving success in one area of
your life is a powerful way to promote positive habits in
other areas of life."
One of those other areas is personal relationships.
"I joined a gym 20 years ago when I moved to a new
area, and it became a new second home for me," said
Jamie Knauff, who as a University Programs Associate
at SAE International helps organize collegiate design
competitions. "I met so many new people. Some of my
best friends I met at this gym!"
"From my fitness journey," she continued, "I learned so
much about myself-what I was capable of. I was stronger
than I knew. I also learned that I wanted to help people
on their fitness journey! I have since become a fitness
instructor, and I share my love for health and fitness with
so many amazing people at the gym. Fitness should be
fun-and for YOU! Find your gym, your second home."
Nearly 80% of Americans don't meet even the most
modest national recommendations to get 2.5 hours
of moderate-intensity exercise each week. And some
researchers have found that participants who performed
better than average in a cardio test also exhibit better
cognitive function.
SAE breaks down its "Partner Program" benefits into
three types: insurance, personal, and travel. SAE has

"My motivation in going back to the gym is for balance," said SAE staffer Michael
Pedee (middle). "I exercise to maintain good heart health and to provide stress
management. In order to exercise, I need to fuel my body, so I continue to watch my
diet. Once I do that, I have energy I need to focus and be productive in the workplace."
struck deals with a number of companies in each of those domains to
offer members large discounts on their services.
These "Partner Program" benefits are distinct from what SAE
labels "SAE Member Benefits, the latter of which are focused more on
members' professional lives than their personal ones. Click here to view
the entire SAE Member benefits portfolio.

By Patrick Ponticel, MOMENTUM editor

What is SAE Collegiate
Design Series (CDS)
sponsorship? CDS
sponsors provide support,
product, and/or funding
to establish an integrated
relationship between
their company and the
Collegiate Design Series
This month, I want to highlight an
important piece of our SAE CDS
competitions: our sponsors. Over
60 companies partner with SAE
International through the CDS to
support our competitions. CDS
sponsors provide everything from
volunteers, to financial support, to
supplying teams with their products


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and services. These extremely devoted
companies are also onsite, supporting
the event and recruiting the best
engineers. These events could not
happen without the support of our
sponsors. If you are a member of a
team, a past member, a facility advisor,
or organizer, you are aware of the
vital importance sponsors are to our
continued event success.
Sponsors obtain a firsthand, faceto-face relationship with our students,
their potential employees. Team
members get to initiate a dialogue,
establish an understanding about the
company, build a relationship, and
if all goes well receive an interview
or perhaps an offer. All this adds
up to a win-win for everyone. CDS
competitions are the venue that bring
sponsors and a potential workforce
together. CDS sponsors are also
getting visibility, brand awareness,

and media exposure to over 11,000
participants across all series.
I want to acknowledge, recognize,
and thank our dedicated sponsors.
Our CDS sponsorship manager, Martha
Tress, and her team continue to
bridge the gap between students and
companies through her relationshipbuilding with companies that support
our competitions. CDS Competitions
are an excellent hands-on engineering
experience students can use to
supplement their classroom learning.
So, to our SAE Collegiate Design
sponsors, we say "thank you." If you
would like to become a sponsor and
have your company meet the best and
the brightest engineers in the world,
contact Martha Tress at martha.tress.
com to begin exploring opportunities.

Thank you, take care
Samuel Barill,
CDS Competitions

March 2020 17

2/17/20 11:06 AM


Momentum - March 2020

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Momentum - March 2020
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SAE 101: personal and financial well-being, SAE style
Dossier: Noah Lukins of May Mobility
Occupational benefits of competing in technical collegiate competitions
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Momentum - March 2020 - GM’s Cruise self-driving vehicle built for upgradable hardware
Momentum - March 2020 - New seal improves performance
Momentum - March 2020 - SAE 101: personal and financial well-being, SAE style
Momentum - March 2020 - SAE 101: personal and financial well-being, SAE style
Momentum - March 2020 - Dossier: Noah Lukins of May Mobility
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Momentum - March 2020 - Occupational benefits of competing in technical collegiate competitions
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